The Wild play well for a full 3 periods


The 2-1 lost the the division rival Canucks was tough. It was the first game in my estimation that the Wild gave a solid effort for a full three periods. Defensively the team looked good, Backstrom was very good in goal.

The Wild figured to be a offensively challenged team before the season started but with Havlat,Pierre-Marc Bouchard, Petr Sykora and Cal Clutterbuck all out the Wild are pretty well offensively castrated from a roster point of view. They only mustered 18 shots on goal and not many of them were good scoring chances.

The news has not gotten any better with The Star Tribune revealing that PMB will be out at the least another 10 games.

Michael Russo also notes that the Wild have put Sifers on waivers in order to send him down to Houston and make room for Kobasew. I don’t think anyone will be claiming him.

The Wild is trying to fill the gaps with the acquisition of Chuck Kobasew, which is an indication of how long they expect PMB to be out since while he’s on LTI (Long Term Injury) his salary does not count toward the cap. Kobasew will cost $2.33m toward the cap. So it will be interesting to see what happens to the roster when/if PMB comes back.

Kobasew should be a big help given the current roster situation. He’s a streaky scorer who has scored 20+ goals and 30+ points in three of his six seasons. Not a huge trade but the Wild give up a couple of prospects for a guy who can help the team.

CORRECTION: The Wild sent Weller and 2011 2nd round pick and this year’s 4th rounder (Fallstrom) to the Bruins for Kobasew.

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  • Larenzo

    Very good article, and quite informative, Michael :)

    I too am a fan of the Northwest division, and have always been amazed at the support that Minnesotans give to their Wild hockey club. While we have a rather substantial amount of support for the Canucks here in Vancouver as well, I beleive it to be more mercurial, fans being ‘fickle’ if you will. Let’s just say they prefer the good times to the bad.

    I too am anxious to see what sort of difference the BC bred Chuck Kobasew will make on the Wild squad. I think he’ll be a good fit, and his nose for the net will be a real added bonus. Oh yeah, and Backstrom really has become worth the price of admission. Great blogging, it has to be said :)

    larenzo jensen

    • mcrow

      Thanks, for checking out my blog Larenzo. Forgive me if I’m generalizing too much but:
      I think that Canadian fans tend to be more “fickle” in general but vary from team to team in dedication. American fans tend to be more ethusiastic in most cases but prehaps less dedicated. I think hockey is just more loved north of the boarder on a whole. Both sides have quite a lot of rabid fans like us though.