Playoff Push Gone Askew?

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Last night The Wild were so on their game, yet still took a loss to the Vancouver Canucks 1-4. Is this a bad thing? I think not! There is no way we are catching them in the division, and there is no way after their play as of late, we are not making the playoffs. Simple.

The Wild have upped their game so much since the All-Star follies, [see -> AKA a 2 day shootout] it makes my head spin. Where have they been all year? I thought for the longest time that they were slowly upping their game this season, but the past few weeks have been ridiculous! This is the team I knew they could be without a solid goal scorer or sniper. We may lack a Steven Stamkos, or a Sidney Crosby, but they are playing with tenacity, as well as heart. This is the most exciting The Wild have been in 10 years. Fact!

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