Doube B's! Brilliance & Burnsie!

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But as we have watched the past 7 games, it all disappeared. All of it. Sure we had injuries, but it takes more than even  Mikko Koivu to make a team! As he lead by example after coming back from a broken finger, it was more than apparent the team had given up. Brent Burns. I just do not understand what he has done lately. He had a great mid season, but he is just trying to be “the guy” that does it all. There is no way he can watch tapes and not see all of his mistakes. So why does he keep doing them? He was clutch for so long, now he is just the D man that explodes over the blueline, and in no way defends it. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good pinch in, key word being “good” but he doesn’t even do that. He just goes wherever the puck is, and it does not seem to matter to him that the blueline is left amiss.

There is a lot more to go over, and I will piece it all together. For now, let’s have a really cool “Burnsie” memory. Put the blueline aside for moment, and try hard, real hard, to remember when Burnsie would actually drop the gloves! One of my all time favourites to enjoy! How can you forget this?!

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