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Will The NHL Fans Go On Strike

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I for one am getting sick and tired of CBA talk and threats of going on strike  http://www.sbnation.com/nhl/2012/7/14/3159040/nhl-cba-nhlpa-negotiations-initial-offer. It’s the fans turn to make that threat If the NHL goes on strike again then it is time the fans do. The fans who are more loyal to their team  then owners or players. The fans who don’t get paid to be at these games but buy jerseys at prices close to 200 dollars.

The very same fans that would pay to put on a uniform and play just one shift to live out they’re dream. These are the people that are left to suffer through a strike not the greedy slobs who wear those jerseys and play 82 games of the greatest sport there is. No they’ll sit out and wait to get what they always want more money.

Yes as you can tell I side with the fans not the NHL or the NHLPA. I have been a fan all my life and I’m sick of this greed. And what I find to be the biggest slap to the fans faces is this. The players will still be asking ridiculous amounts of money and years and owners will be stupid enough to give it. So in another 7 years we’ll be back doing this again.

2004-2005  remember the year that never was followed by the rigged draft that gave the Penguins the first over all pick. Remember this farce http://www.mynhldraft.com/2005.  Which saved super Mario’s bacon and kept the team in Pittsburgh. Will it happen again? are the players really that blind and don’t see that hockey is finally gaining momentum like it’s never had before.

They know what their doing crying for more money that the NHL and owners are drawing in from these new fans. No matter what is said it is always about the money. NHL don’t care about the fans, the owners and players could care less. It’s the fans money that means everything so it’s time for the fans to care about the fans. Hit them where it hurts in the wallets.

And just like they’ll come back when their ready so will we. 200 dollars a jersey are you kidding me, cheaper seat prices, ticket prices lower the cost of food ( I’m feeding me with one hotdog and I’m charged as if I’m feeding a family of four ).  Don’t mess with a mans food. Someone could lose a finger like that, and now I’m hungry.

Apr 9, 2012; Arlington, TX, USA; A general view of the Boomstick hotdog for sale at a Texas Rangers vendor stand prior to the game against the Seattle Mariners at Rangers Ballpark. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

The fan does more then just watch the game it’s time the players and the NHL understood that. I love the game, I love playing it and most of all I love my team the New York Rangers http://rangers.nhl.com/. Fans have had enough of millionaires crying for more money.  And these are our idols growing up, these are who our kids look to become.  Sorry but my kid will not end up like that, the love of the game is more important then money will ever be.

I will never turn away from hockey I will just take a vacation. And it’s not money that I want it’s respect from the Players, owners and the NHL itself.

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  • hockeyjoel

    Ok that would be nice, but let’s face the facts of reality. Just from the last strike and the NHL is just now bouncing back from it. If the fans go on strike, then the NHL loses fans. Teams go bankrupt, and get moved and still face the same problems. In the long run, the NHL will go dry and the U.S. loses pro hockey once and for all. Am I happy there might be a strike or lockout, no, I think it is stupid. Lose the love of the sport for money. That’s why I love hockey over football, baseball and even basketball. Way over paid players in those sports then what they bring to the table vs. hockey when good players are only making $650,000. You may have one or two in those other sports that stand out and deserve a little higher salary, but Dennis Rodman who is supposed to be a role model with all the tats and piercings and the funky color hair getting paid a ridiculous amount of money and always crying for more. Let the fans go on strike, and hockey will never be the same again. Sometimes the best way to be a fan is deal with the strike and still be a fan no matter how much we hate it. Yeah the cost of food is bad, and the merchandise price is way overcharged, but look at the teams struggeling. Phoenix Coyotes, Dallas Stars, Atlanta Thrashers that got moved. I am from Dallas, and my favorite team is the Dallas Stars…. But what happens when they get moved? Will Dallas get another hockey team? No, then what is the closest pro hockey team? Colorado? Phoenix? I get to drive 100′s of miles to go and watch a pro team? So I think these negotiations should happen, because these money sound franchises like the New York Rangers should make the competition more of a challenge by helping out these franchises that are struggeling.