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Dakota W. Case, Editor

Dakota Case is a passionate Minnesota Wild fan hailing from southeast South Dakota. Already having obtained a two-year Business Administration degree, he is currently attending the University of Sioux Falls for Media Management and Journalism. In addition to being the Editor of Gone Puck Wild, Dakota also hosts a two-hour long hockey talk radio show on Thursday mornings, called the “The Power Play”, which has featured guest interviews from current Minnesota Wild players. You could say he’s living the dream.

Scott Drain, Staff Writer

Scott is a huge fan of the Minnesota WILD!! Ex-Radio personality, aspiring writer, married for 16 yrs. to another Wild fan and caretaker of 4 dogs and 1 cat.  Also fan of Detroit Red Wings, St. Louis Cardinals, MN Twins, MN Swarm, MN Vikings. When at home can usually be found watching NHL Network or FSNorth. Scott is GPW’s game day specialist, writing all game previews and recaps.

Ger Devine, Staff Writer

Ger is 21, Irish and the new rookie staff writer here at Gone Puck Wild. Over the last few years, he has overcome a 6 hour time difference to develop an unhealthy obsession with the Minnesota Wild and NHL hockey. Symptoms of this include: Regularly finding himself sitting glued to the screen through another bore-fest between the Wild and the Flames at 4 AM on a school-night,  interrupting his lunch break to go study Charlie Coyle’s possession numbers, or falling asleep to happy thoughts about Zach Parise’s fore-checking efficiency. Aside from hockey, Ger is also a big-time music fan, a musician, and generally just a pop culture junkie. Other sports he is into include: soccer, NFL, rugby, NBA and cricket.

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