7 Best Playoff Goals In Minnesota Wild History

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1. Andrew Brunette – 2003 WCQF Game 7

The reason this goal gets the nod for the best Minnesota Wild playoff goal over Nino’s is because of how improbable it was. Minnesota, just a few years removed from their inaugural season and playing with a real ragtag group of guys, was able to take down most people’s Stanley Cup favorite that year.

Similar to the 2008 series with Colorado, the Avs had a couple of future Hall of Famers, but the difference this time is that those guys were in their respective primes. Sakic. Forsberg. Blake. Foote. Roy. All recognizable by hockey fans just by their last names.

Brunette will go down in history, but that goal doesn’t happen without the heads up play of the late Sergei Zholtok. He brilliantly lets up on the gas just prior to gaining the blue line to avoid a pair of Avalanche sticks before dropping it off. He then sets a little pick on Derek Morris before taking Rob Blake out of the play.

Meanwhile, Andrew “Cement Skates” Brunette oozes past Morris at the speed of slime before bamboozling Patrick Roy on the backhand stuff. He then proceeds to lose his Z-Bubble and his lunch all in one motion. Hard not to love that play.

And let’s not forget about Jacques Lemaire on the bench, who legitimately looks like he has no idea what just happened. He resembles an old man lost in a grocery store looking for Metamucil in the frozen foods section. What a character.

That’ll do, folks. Here’s a bonus goal for all you nostalgia fans out there.