Not-So-Advanced Stats: An Introduction To “Fancystats” For Wild Fans

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I’m relatively new to this stuff, but I feel like I’ve got a decent understanding now by reading the countless helpful articles located around the web. While I tried keep things fairly simple in this article, I may have missed something , so I highly recommend that you do some further reading around the topics and keep-up with the various blogs that regularly post about advanced stats.

Remember, an interest in advanced stats doesn’t mean that you’ll be reading spreadsheets instead of watching games. All these numbers are just a companion for what you see on the ice.

No one can follow everything that is happening on the ice at all times, not to mention no one has time to watch every other team’s games and analyse them. It’s simply impossible. These stats give a fairly clear picture of what is happening on the ice for every player and team over the course of a season. Not to mention they give fans another aspect of hockey to discuss when there are no games on, which, for me, is a good thing.

Here are some articles you should read, and blogs you should bookmark for future reading:


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