Minnesota Wild Change Their Goal Song for 2016-17 Season


The Minnesota Wild have announced today that after much demand, they will be changing their goal song to “Let’s Go Crazy” for the entire upcoming season to honor local legend Prince.

Feedback heard and understood.  The Minnesota Wild have decided to change their goal song citing inputs from a survey they sent out to season ticket holders this summer.  The survey takers were presented with three options to one keep the goal song as “Crowd Chant” by Joe Satriani, two change the song to “Lets’ Go Crazy” by Prince, or three something else.  As expected the fans voted nearly 2-to-1 in favor of the ditty from the hometown boy Prince and chose “Let’s Go Crazy”.

The Wild had actually used the song at the X during Game 6 of last year’s playoff series against Dallas to honor the recent passing of the rock legend.  It just seemed to fit right away and since then it almost seemed like a foregone conclusion that the goal song could change.  Also “Crowd Chant” had seemed to have worn its welcome out a bit.  Don’t get me wrong it’s a song that has been the sound track of a lot of great Wild moments, but it just seemed like it was time to change.

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In addition to the survey the Wild received “a substantial number of calls, emails and social media comments from fans” in support of “Let’s Go Crazy”.   The Wild wanted to send a message to the fans that they were listening and they take their suggestions seriously.  John Maher, vice president of brand, content and communications for the Minnesota Wild explained that “Our in-arena experience is designed for the fans, so it’s great to be able to show them we take their feedback to heart.”

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So hopefully with a little bit of luck the Wild will debut their song on Tuesday Sept 27th in their first preseason home game against the Avalanche.  It’s nice just to see a change and know the team is listening to the fans to make their game experience better.  Let’s hope we hear the sweet sounds of Prince echo through the Xcel Center at lot, say like five times a game this upcoming season.