New Wild 3rd Jersey: Hidden Message?

ept_sports_nhl_experts-167685305-1251216633The Wild recently showed off their new 3rd jerseys and they look pretty sharp. They have a nice retro/old school look to them  and I’m sure they will sell a lot of them and you will see a lot of them around town this season.

Looking at the color scheme, the logo and the taking the overall feel of the jersey’s into account, I can’t help but think there is another motivation behind them. What else could they be trying to sell us?

Well, I think I’ve found out what it is that they’re really trying to sell us. It’s something many of us enjoy while watching our favorite hockey club, some way too much.


The colors, the logo, and the old school working man’s style. Coincidence, I think not.


I don’t know about you but I don’t need any more encouragement to buy beer.

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