Benoit Pouliot: The Most Disliked Wild Player?

pouliot It took a while for it to shake out but Pouliot is now off the hook for his drunk driving incident that took place in 2006.

It was clear that Pouliot elevated to a new level of  arrogance with his antics asking “do you know who I am?” and asking for his unlce who is a local official.

Even with that I just thought he was just considered an underachiever by most fans and not really that hated. However, after reading Russo’s post about it and the comments that followed I started to think just maybe he could be the most disliked player on the team.

It would be understandable, crappy attitude from a player that has yet to do anything that would indicate he’s entitled to anything.  Not much there to like, I guess.

My wife informs me that there is an upside:  he’s almost as good looking as Cal Clutterbuck.

  • Ms.Conduct

    He is hot. His perp walk picture is especially hot. Not sure what that says about me. Probably nothing everybody didn’t already know…

    But yeah, with Skoula gone, everybody needs a new goat. Wouldn’t surprise me if it’s him. I’ve already spent so much time irate at him in Houston, I don’t have it in me to bother with it anymore.