Move over Chuck...

Seeing this from Michael Russo this morning on twitter, made me laugh!

You could fit a small family in Greg Zanon’s beard this morning. #mnwild

I am a huge Zanon fan, and I know just how underrated he is. Predators fans can laugh. We got the best of him, and you can just suck it up! I call him “Concrete Man” because it is so fitting. He blocks shots with all parts of his body, leaving the ice, only to return to the ice, always! Jealous? You should be. No part of his body is sacred when out on the ice. I bet his wife just cringes when he is out there. I know I would if I were in her spot… yikes!

While his “D” play is not spectacular, Minnesota loves this guy. He has a true grit factor. He will bust balls every chance he gets. A true pest on the ice. But he is not your 2 way player you can only wish he would be. He doesn’t pinch in much, although there are many opportunities to do so! This is where it gets hairy. Sometimes, after all the blocked shots, you think “Holy hell this guy is amazing!” Only to be followed by a Zidlickyesque turnover. Then you scream out, possibly throwing something at your beautiful HD screen, and think “why Zanon why?” So he is not golden out there, but no one can take away from the fact he is a shot’s worst nightmare in the line of fire! The beard just makes it all the better! Chuck Norris move over… “Concrete Man” is back and you have officially been backseated!

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