Wild weekend.

It was a weekend of interesting Wild play. Being at the game Saturday, I have more than a few things to say about it.

First off, Martin Havlat impressed me. I know that is hard to believe, but facts are facts. Marty was all over the puck, made some unbelievable passes, and get this, he battled in the corners many times! This is the Marty I have been waiting to see. After a full season of “null,” perhaps he is going to be the Marty I know he can be. I have followed him through the years, and he can play that damn puck. And after Saturday, I have a little faith in him, finally. I know what this man “can” do. It is about time that 5 million shows up on the ice.

Then we have Casey Wellman. This kid amazes me. As good as he is, I think a year in Houston would bring out one hell of a player. Fletcher so much as said that he will not keep him up just to be an extra player. Good call I think. The kid needs to play, and not just 4 minutes a game. With Bouchard in the unknown zone, and Sheppard injured, we should see much more of Wellman. I am all for it. Next year, if he can put on some more weight, he will be a great addition to the Wild roster.

After watching Chuck Kobasew with Koivu and Bruno, not so sure how I feel about it. Miettinen needs to go for sure. No one can argue that point. Chuck didn’t look bad, but didn’t stand out either. I am trying to twist this around in my mind, and possibly it could be be much better than Mitts. Not having played with these guys before, it wasn’t bad. He missed a few opportunities. But then again, so did most of the team. Chuck is a hard player. He brings it more times than not. I hope to see him on that same wing in the next few games, just to see if the chemistry can start happening. As much as I “like” Mitts, you could put Clutterbuck up there, and I would be happy.

Marco Scandella really stood out Saturday. A relentless player for sure. He battles hard! On the other hand, he is another one I think Houston for a year would do him good. Having lived the Risebrough years, we do not need to rush these guys. I am all about Falk. He deserves it more than any other player I have watched this pre-season. Tough all around. An in your face type of D man. He’ll get on the puck, and move it, shoot it, and stop the opponent’s play. This is the D man we need. Stoner has been nothing but a disappointment so far. I cannot even get into him. I was excited when we finally signed him, and this pre-season play, has been nothing but lazy, lacklustre play. No idea what happened to him. I keep telling myself the 300 bucks I dished out for a jersey Saturday was not a waste. Hockey Gods, please tell me I didn’t jinx it!

So what do we do about the goalie situation. Of all places to end up in. Losing our trade bait in Harding. (that was hard to say, I love Hards) I have heard a few names come up. The two that stand out for me are Theodore and Deslauriers. How we could even think of affording Theo only makes that inconceivable to me. No he is not a 6 million dollar goalie, but we are tight on the ceiling here. (Backs is not exactly a 6 million dollar goalie either, you get my point) Going to be interesting to see what Chuck does. There are more than a handful of goalies out there. I cannot see Hards not ending up on LTIR, no way.I say make it Khudobin, do it Chuck.

I had a terrible feed for the Sunday night game. I guess that is a good thing, because what I did catch, our D was at it’s absolute worst. Just as lazy as you can get. And then being down 4-1, and coming back the second half of the third. Not back as in to win, back as in finally playing. This is one of the main concerns I had last year. We cannot win a game in 12 minutes, and the last 12 at that. We have to play SIXTY FULL MINUTES! It will be hard to watch the same lethargic play for 2 periods a game again this year. They need to come out and play as soon as the first period starts ticking down, it IS that simple. Once again Wild, do not make my heart break again this year. Play the game, and play it hard, for 60 minutes. That is all I ask. Then it is not so painful to see you lose. Just get it done Wild, DO IT!

Watching both of my favourite teams play each other this weekend, I cannot say I was overly impressed with the Flyers either. It has been weird for me for years, that every game I go to that they play each other, it is always a more on the boring side game. I cannot figure it out. For a few years I told myself it was the the styles. Well Wild style has changed, and still the same thing. They always kind of daze me out. Through my eyes of having all my favourite players on the ice battling each other, it just lulls me most times. I do not get it. Maybe I just expect too much. Not sure what it is. But I can guarantee you any time I can get to a Green and Red VS Orange and Black I am there!

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