Luongo will be a very rich, very old man.


Roberto Luongo was perhaps the best goalie in the division equalled only by the Wild’s Niklas Backstrom. At 30 years old he was signed to a 12 year, $64 million contract that should be the last of his career.

After relatively unimpressive stints with the Islanders and Pathers from 1990-2006 when he was traded to the Canucks. In exchange for Luongo, Lukas Krajicek, and Sergei Shirokov the Pathers received Todd Bertuzzi,Bryan Allen,and Alex Auld.  To this point it looks like the Canucks got the better end of the trade with Bertuzzi  only playing a few games for them and with Allen not playing much last season. However, Alex Auld is becoming a pretty good goalie in his own right.

While I never truely thought that he wouldn’t resign with the Canucks, as a Wild homer I was hoping that he would sign elsewhere.

Well, on the bright side I don’t think the Wild will be depending on kicked in goals as their only offense this season.