Anticipation, with a bit of optimism.


We are finally into the start of the NHL season. Pre-season as we know, really means nothing.[See Edmonton Oilers] October is finally here. Let the quest for the Holy Grail begin!

Over the weekend, The Wild picked up Jose Theodore. Theo won 30 games last year, and lost 7. While his GAA was 2.81, his SV% was .911. And for 1.1 million? Ahh yes! A breath of fresh air for once. This the guy we can trust to give Backs a rest now and then. Don’t get me wrong, I always believed in Harding, obviously Richards and crew did not. I still don’t get it. Hards deserved better than the bench 30 days at a time. Not to mention the fact, sucking up Backs’ crap games, and there were more than I care to count.

So now that Theo is on board, with what I have seen of Backs in the pre-season (yes I realize it was just pre-season) I am already anxious to see how long it takes for Theo to take over the starting role. It will happen. Not being a Backs fan for the past season and a half, it cannot be soon enough for me. I guess we wait and see what happens, but to get Theo at this late in the season, is a total win for The Wild as far as I am concerned.

Replaying in my head what I was able to see in the pre-season. Although I like to rant about the bad more than the good, as it is much easier to see what they are doing wrong, so much does stand out. Matt Cullen has been nothing short of fantastic. He plays hard, each and every shift he is out there. Cullen brought a bit of hope when we first signed him. Watching him so far, has been awesome. He will bring it, and hopefully will pull the Wild 3rd period only play, to a halt. [Once again see the last game against the CBJ] Pssst Wild… it is prefectly fine to have a lead going into the 3rd period. For that matter, the 2nd period, too. Cullen is going to a tremendous leader in the locker room, and on the ice. Not taking away from Mikko at all, because we all know, Mikko is “god” to Wild fans, especially this one.

Speaking of Mikko Koivu, I love this man. No I do not want his babies. I want him on the ice, doing things only Mikko can do. You know, getting all over the puck, knowing the plays coming from the opponent, and stopping them, fighting like a beast in the corners, getting the puck to his linemates over and over again, [See Miettinen screw it up over and over again] battling when he is close to the puck for the takeover, (warning this next “insight” is a hopeful) THROWING OHLUND A HIT THAT PUTS HIM OVER THE BENCH!, assisting on the Bruno goal, and lest we forget, putting the puck in the back of the net, only to point to a teammate and give him the credit! How can you NOT love this man? Mikko, you are my Wild saviour. Do not change a thing, just keep bringing it!

On a side note, The Wild play Ilves (translates to Lynx) Tampere at 11 AM CST in Finland. We will not get any kind of video or audio, or even tweets about this game. Sounds like there is not any kind of internet in the rink. This should be a challenge for The Wild. Bigger ice, and I will never take anything anyway form the Finnish Elite League. There are some damn good players over there. [See Mikeal Granlund] So with all of our “Wild Finnish Mafia” players in the lineup today, I hope they can show them a little of their roots. Let’s do this Wild, make me smile. Remember today is #MMDM (Make My Day Monday) and a smile makes everything better!

Comments, debates, and even silliness always welcome!