Winning streak for The Wild?


The Wild actually won a game yesterday! 5-1 even! Granted, it was a game against Tempere, one of The Finnish Elite League teams,  but it was a win! We are on a roll I would I say. Nothing can stop us now! It’s in our blood!

Crazy things happened. Cal Clutterbuck, as I call “Clutz” actually netted a hat trick. That is more than 25% of what he did all year last year! I love that I can figure that out in my mind without a calculator. So many Wild players had such high numbers last year, would be a very hard task to figure out some of these guys’ in my head if it had been them instead. [See Miettinen] Hah!

Seriousness now, Matt Cullen was there to feed Clutz. Of course he was. He is the 2nd Koivu on our team. [See preseason] The guy is a stud, a Minny boy (who cares) and a veteran player. And against an [Elite] team in Finland. We are on our way to making history here. 1 game win will turn into a 120 point season. Because you know, it’s in our blood [now]!

Marek Zidlicky even netted one. This could be the beginning of making his fabulous numbers from last year look bad! He had good numbers if you take away the minus 387 on his sheet. He really did have decent goals and assists last year for a D man. And our PP is usually much better with him, than without. So this is the start of something good for him. 1 point, that actually will not count on the sheet, but it sounds good.

Chuck Kobasew also netted one. I have always like Chuckie. He’s a decent player, and had a bad season of injury, and lousy lines last year. I am expecting a breakout year for him, as he has had before. Give the man some better players to actually be on his line, and I believe great things will happen. Yes, I have only good to say about Chuckie. [See Child’s Play]

Assists by Mikko Koivu, (Minny god) Casey Wellman, (faster faster) John Madden, (old is better) and Eric Nystrom (naughty boy). All is good and expected from all of these guys. Well done gentlemen, well done.

So we are on a winning streak, and we must continue on from here. Beating an [Elite] team should more than give The Wild some courage, and heart, and brains. If I only…

Thursday you cannot get here soon enough! Bring it on NHL!