Only 12.


In less than 12 hours the Wild will start off their banner season in style, in Helsinki Finland, against the Carolina Hurricanes. What to expect from The Wild is still to be determined. Like preseason means nothing, right? And we totally blew everything except the 3rd periods in all 6 games. Well we did win our exhibition game against an [Elite] team in Finland, so apparently it does mean nothing. From what I watched, it means everything.

Guillaume Latendresse is almost as fat as Kyle Wellwood now. Marek Zidlicky is still that wonderful D man with a super slapper, at the same time he turns over pucks like that is what he is getting paid to do. Clayton Stoner dazzled us all 6 games. “Puff puff pass” has literally went to his head, and taken itself to the next level. Antti Miettinen still thinks the puck is a demon and avoids it at any given opportunity. Martin Havlat actually looked like he was coming off of the [baby] bottle for a couple games, only to be replaced with  a pacifer for the next couple games.I saw it! Where is James Sheppard now? We need him. Niklas Backstrom is my favourite whatever player on The Wild. He loves butterflies, as you can see from his wonderful style of play. I believe he actually sees them while playing. He is seeing something out there, and it definitely is not round, black, on the ice, being shot at him, and most of all, over him and behind him.

So does preseason mean anything at all? We are less than 12 hours from finding out. And you thought from the title of this post that I meant 12 total wins all year. Just what were you thinking?

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Most of all, enjoy the game tomorrow! Hockey season is finally here!