My eyes have been opened.


There was a horrifying incident tonight at the Thrashers/Caps game. While the face off was in front of Caps’ goalie Macal Neuvirth, at one end of the ice,  Thrashers’ goalie Ondrej Pavelec, alone on the other end, collapsed with no one around him. It was one of the most terrifying hockey incidents I have ever witnessed. He lay on the ice for what seemed like hours. Stretcher out there and no movement from him that I could see. The latest update I heard was that he was conscious, and asking about the score of the game he had been playing in. Dustin Byfuglien has earned even more respect from me through all of this. As seen on twitter from Ben Wright:

"Thrashers players were told during first intermission that Pavelec was okay. Byfuglien stood up and told team to win it for Pavelec."

This is why hockey is the best sport ever. Not only the game, but the players. Humble, yet tough. Real, yet surreal at times on the ice. Stars in our minds, waiting to get home to their families in their minds. The list goes on, but my hat came off tonight to all hockey players across the globe, and it will remain off. Living for hockey is the way I choose to live my life. Sometimes I forget just how real this sport is, and what these players go through day to day. My thoughts are with Mr. Pavelec and his family. Whatever the cause of his collapse may be, he is conscious, talking, and at the hospital overnight for observation only. This is what matters. Remember everytime you watch a game how human these players are. I know I will never forget again after tonight.

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