Game 3, The “Cullenator!”


If you are a Wild fan, and did not see this game Thursday, do yourself a favour. Sign up for NHL Gamecenter Live NOW! (no this is not a plug, this is something you NEED to see!) This game seriously kept me on the edge of my seat! Well when I was sitting of course!

After watching the long, boring, lacklustre pre-season, it didn’t get a whole lot better in the first 2 games in Helsinki, Finland. It had it’s moments as all Wild games do, but Thursday, well let’s just put it this way, can you say “they played damn near 60 minutes?!” Was SO close. Take away the first few minutes of the second period, and the boys were tough!

Matt Cullen! This is the return of “#7” on the PP we have been waiting for. Remember the “other” #7? Cliff Ronning? The one year we had him? He was rabid on the PP, and Cullen is taking it over now. Our new PP point man is taking it to the next level. 4 goals on the PP! FOUR! He is now known as the “Cullenator!”

Mikko Koivu! Nets one in the second, only to be followed up by netting another 58 seconds later! Followed by an assist to the “Cullenator” in the third. Mikko was all over the ice. He played harder than I have seen him yet this year. Why do people compare him to Ryan Kesler anyway? No one works it like “GOD!” No one! Mikko was a machine the entire game!

Justin Falk! Besides one little turnover, I saw nothing wrong with is play, at all. It was total beast! This is the guy we have waited for. The D man with the fire, and tenacity to halt a play! It is exciting to watch him!

Brent Burns! Was totally rockin’ out there! him and that overly long stick of his, can get to where no one else could even dream of getting. He was vicious out there. The “Burnsie’ we all know and love, is getting better. He has not even reached near his prime yet. After Thursday’s game, if he continues like he did, we should hold our breath. We will get to the playoffs!

Niklas Backstrom looked good out there. He only gave up 1 garbage goal, that is a step in the right direction I think. Next….

Antti Miettinen Scored the first goal of the game. Good for him. Next…

Guillaume Latendresse Still looks sluggish, out of shape, and fat. Next…

Marek Zidlicky Looked good, with only 3 horrendous turnovers that I saw. That is an improvement. Next…

Cal Clutterbuck! He was under the Oiler’s skin within 10 minutes. He didn’t throw a lot of hits, and only missed on 2. I will say he has one hell of a shot, and took a few. Could it be a 20 goal season for “Pezboy?” I think so! How can you not love him? He is all energy, and chirps like a maniac!

That is my standouts for the game. Awesome that we conquered the kids of Edmonton Awesome we scored 4 PP goals. But can we score 5 on 5? I think tonight will be our answer. Columbus is a tad more disciplined than Edmonton. We shall see as we have been here before.

This game was wicked! All play, all the time! Was amazing! It was like we didn’t have to ask what Wild team would come out to play. It was solid throughout. Question is, will it continue? I hope so. I am sick of this slump, this Doug Risebrough/Jacques Lemaire boring ass hockey! I want what I witnessed the other night, over, and over, and over!

And hats off to Mikko. One day he will get his first hat trick, and the country will hear me from wherever you are! As the story continues, I can only think of one thing to say….