High anxiety!


Tonight is a put it out there, get it done, work your hockey pants off, give it to them good, fight with passion, make tenacity and relentlessness your name night! We can not lose another game this early in the season. As shown last year, it is just too hard to come back.

With Matt Cullen being out, this is not going to help. I know they can do it. It does not matter of it is the Canucks, or the Oilers, or the Capitals. This is a must win game for The Wild. After the practice yesterday, after the brutal one Sunday, I can only ask myself why. Why an easy practice? The team does not deserve a reward at this point. Not in my eyes. Make them work a solid practice. Keep it going, and for a while. Greenlay made a statement at Saturday night’s game, saying it is hard on them with only 1 day rest between games. This is absurd. If we play that poorly with one day off, I can only imagine what a back-to-back will be like.

Canucks are a tough team. They of course are favourited to win the NW Division once again. But we can do this, I know we can! The talent is there, the lines are set (kind of), now to get them to play 60 minutes. I sometimes feel like I am beating my head against the wall, and pointing out the same things. But it is simple. I know it, you know it, most importantly, they know it.

I am full of stress today. I feel like our season is on the line here already. We have to win this game. Not for Richards’ sake, but for all of ours. Will be a long day until the game. My undying, obsessive fanship for The Wild has went to another level today. Hockey is life, and Wild, you are at the top of my list. Win this tonight!