“Minny” thoughts.


I am not going to even begin on Friday night’s game against the Vancouver Canucks. I am going to skip it altogether. It does not deserve my time, as The Wild wasted about 2 1/2 hours of mine. If you did not catch the game, you are better off. Today I was at work and realized what a zone I am in today. Of course The Flyers [see my other team] rocked it hard, for 60 minutes. The Wild were about 59.9  minutes behind that on Friday. It was like watching an adult local league, rather than an NHL team out there.

More bag skates needed, and 20 minutes is not nearly enough after that catastrophe Friday night. See, this is how it will go with another… bag skate->phenomenal win->mediocre win->on the ice with absolutely no existance. This is how it was last year, too. Now, if we could do this instead… bag skate->phenomenal win->mediocre win -> bag skate->phenomenal win -> mediocre win->loop->loop->loop->loop! Let’s not go 3 games without them again, ever. This could turn out to be a vicious circle in the right direction. Bag skate to H-E-double hockey sticks, and back. I am calling for it, like yesterday!

I think everyone knows my love, love not, for Niklas Backstrom. Through the years, I have learned that he is a pretty funny guy off the ice, and pretty laid back. But not on game day. I guess you do not mess with him at all on game day. He gets in a mode, and it is best to just stay away from him. When I read this on Michael Russo’s blog today, I literally splewed water all over the place. From Kent Youngblood:

"–I’m not used to seeing a lot of emotion on the ice from Niklas Backstrom, but after letting in a few goals during practice he flung his stick at the wall behind the net in frustration."

So the players are taking it out on “Backs.” Not his fault that they entirely embarrassed themselves. He wasn’t even on the ice! Perhaps The Wild should concentrate on putting a few past the opposing goalie once, eh?

Now to the Sunday music. Every Sunday I will dedicate a song to a Minny Wild Player. Not necessarily a goal song, because, well, that wouldn’t be fair to everyone, right? I will not even mention names here. Blame it on the zone The Wild put me in today. So I am going to start with my favourite player. You guessed it, Antti Miettinen! This is dedicated to him, game in and game out. (Thanks to Peter for the idea on this one, I could not have said it better myself!) Listen and see, enjoy! (you seriously need to listen to the lyrics!) -> Here’s to you Mitts!

I heard on Twitter a couple nights ago, and also in Russo’s blog again today, about UMD’s hockey equipment manager, Chris Garner, being diagnosed with MDS. This is an early stage of Leukemia. He is need of a bone marrow transplant. If you can help out in anyway, by donating items, cash, not matter what amount, please do. If you would like to donate marrow, it is so easy to do. I have done it myself. It is very, very difficult to find the right match. Please spread the word. The hockey community is the best there is. Even through our tough words sometimes, we stick together in times like these. You can get all the information right here! Here’s to “Hockey Fights Cancer!” Let’s all do this together!

Thank you for reading, and comments always appreciated!