Yo! Yo!


Yo! Yo!

Went to the game last night, and I was beyond excited driving in. Suite tickets, free everything I can get my hands on. The night is going to rock. Marian Hossa, out. Brian Campbell, out. We are going to win this thing hands down. Just look at how good we played against the Caps on Thursday. No way can they take us out, no way at all.

Driving in as I get a few blocks from the Xcel Energy Center, I cannot believe what I am seeing. Blackhawks jerseys all over, on every corner, and everywhere in between. Being a huge Flyers fan as much as a Wild fan, I am getting agitated. Just move so I can park and get inside, now!

Walking up I hear smack talk going on all around me. I behaved until I heard a guy laughing at The Wild. All is good. Laugh, it does not bother me. I probably laugh more at The Wild than anybody. You almost have to, to stay sane! So I started talking to him, and we were both laughing at The Wild’s expense. Found out he lived in St. Peter which is near where I live. Then I notice he has a Secord jersey on, and I had to comment on the North Stars days, and told him Secord was a little B****! He got mad? Really? After dissin’ my boys on my turf? I had to laugh and walk away. This was going to be a fun night for sure! Reminded me of last years game when the Pens were in town. 1/3 of the jerseys were Pens jerseys at the Xcel. If you don’t love Minny now, you should, because we bandwagon with the best of them!

Suite here I come! First in there, I hit all the food goodness. More than once! People started flowing in. Out of 23 people, 1 other person and 2 kids knew hockey. That is all! Of course I grabbed a front row seat when we got there. A couple guys in suits, a couple older women that had more plastic surgery than I care to comment on. I schmoozed to say thank you and introduce myself, and to my seats I went. So during the game it was my friend, a very weird guy, 2 kids, and myself. Next time I will take top corner of the Xcel, with people that know the game, and are there for that reason. Suite? O-V-E-R-R-A-T-E-D and S-T-U-F-F-Y!

Best costume of the night went to a bunch of guys that were dressed as Canadian Mounties, with one holding a Canadian flag. Hats, boots included! Awesome! The picture I took was a little fuzzy. I forgot my camera! Droid can only do so much, ya know. But I did get a picture of these guys below us, pretty sweet if you ask me!

So the game starts, and to make a long boring story short, the first period was good. Dull, but nothing to concern myself with. So sitting and eating more, yes I am going to eat all your food, because the company was not exactly fantabulous! Then it clicks in, how many times have I watched the Hawks come on strong after a first period like that? Too many if you ask me. So they come out, and play is about the same. Then Troy Brouwer scores on a nice wrister. I am still in this, so they scored, so what? So what is right!

All of a sudden The Wild were vastly turning into the Mankato State University Mavericks, of the NHL of course. Chippy comes to mind first. They could not pass a puck if there had only been Wild players out there. It was disgusting play all around.

And I am going there. Martin Havlat has got to be the laziest, overpaid player in the entire league. He does absolutely nothing for the team. Nothing! Such a shame that his egotistical self has let it go to his head. His vision is unsurpassed on the ice. His hands are sick, beyond sick, but he is so lazy! He never fights for the puck. An opposing player comes near him, and he falls off the puck that fast. He never crashes the net, unless there is a few other Wild players around to protect him. He at one time was fast, I believe he still is, but he will not put out anything on the ice. He is worthless in the NHL, and a disgrace to Minny!

Then we have the goalies. Marty Turco is by far my favourite goalie to watch. I cannot even imagine what it would be like to have him as our goalie. He athletic ability is superb. At the same time, he would make me go grey rather fast. He takes so many chances out of the net, which is what makes him fun to watch. So when “Backs” went way out of the net, right in front of me, I was standing up screaming, WHAT THE H*** ARE YOU DOING? GET BACK IN YOUR CREASE “BACKS“, NOW!” The suite silenced, and I was freaking out! “Backs” was good last night, maybe he is back, but he is no good 2 feet behind the net, let alone jetting towards the blue line,  just what was he thinking? I almost jumped into the lower level!

So now I look at their record, we are 4th in the Northwest Division, 12th in the Conference, and 22nd in the League. This “Yo-Yo Effect” has to end, and soon. We cannot win 2, lose 2, win 1, lose 1, up and down garbage anymore. How can you have the best play of the season one night, and 2 nights later play as terrible as they did? It has to end. As Wild fans know, we are used to the ups and down throughout a season. But the highs are not as high as they could be, and the lows? They are life altering. I wondered last night if any of the players, had any chemistry at all, with anyone. Even chemistry with an old Blackhawks teammate would have sufficed. Wow, what a terrible effort from The Wild, if any at all!

Sunday night player theme song again. I have to go with our Captain, Mikko Koivu aka “God.’ This song is so fitting for him. He works it hard every night. Work ethic untouched! I believe “The Cullenator” is right up there with him, too, but this is Mikko‘s night!  Again *fist pump* to Peter for the suggestion. He has a way with the tunage! Listen to the lyrics once again, if this does not fit Mikko, then I don’t know what does! (NOTE: Because of “Bruno”, I could not use my selection for Mikko, as “Bruno” is da bomb dig! If only he could skate!  But “Mitts” made it fit perfectly: Steelers Wheel – Stuck in the Middle With You… think about it, poor guy deserves so much more!) Oh Captain, My Captain (You’re my Captain, too Mike Richards!) Here’s to Mikko getting a Hat Trick finally this season! Bring it Mikko!

I am close to calling for bag skates again. It worked apparently for 2 games. Now we are down to 1win, 1 loss. Bag skate them every practice? Maybe that is why they play like this, too many, and they are tired. That works, too. My brain always conjures up excuses for them. The talent is there, we have witnessed it, so stop acting like Martin Havlat guys, and play some serious puck! Minny is ready anytime now!

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