Wild “to do’s” and stuff.


After last night’s game, look for Casey Wellman to be off the 4th line. The way he flew up and down the ice last night, there is no way Richards pus him on the 4th line again, no matter what their disagreements have been lately. I say “disagreements” lightly. I have no clue as to why Richards seems against “Sparky” as of late. He has no excuse tonight, “Sparky” needs to move up off of the 4th line for sure. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him stuff one in tonight.

Jose Theodore gets the start tonight. As much as Niklas Backstrom is not my favourite goalie in the world, [see stress factor] and as much as I want to see Theo“ play [see starter], when “Backs” is on a roll, you leave him in. So what if it is a back to back game night. I recall Josh Harding sitting on the bench many of times when there was back to back games [see “Hards” got screwed many times] going to be interesting for sure.

Martin Havlat finally broke his cherry non goal scoring in the first 11 games this season. So what, he got a goal. He make 5 million a year. Not impressed, although he did look good last night. [see kind of… still not worth 5 million, and sad because he DOES have the talent]

Marek Zidlicky was Marek Zidlicky. You never know what to expect of him on any given night. He can play outstanding, and the next couple minutes go to turnover hell, so we shall see tonight.

Brent Burns was sick all around again last night. Look for him to be all over the ice again tonight. And that long stick of his, unreal how well he plays with it. He is slowly making me a believer in what I think he can do. “Burnsie” just rocks!

Then we have Mikko Koivu and Matt Cullen. I always have so much to say about these 2. They are the best we have. I am not talking snipers, I am not talking best forwards in the league, but I will say they have to be 2 of the very best all around 2 way players out there. They go from one end to the other, and never give up. They stop what the D should have, and see the opening the other forwards miss. Relentless all around. Go “God” and “Cullenator!”

Matt Kassian is on fire! He needs, and wants to prove himself. He is out there, getting in your face, pressuring the opponent, not afraid to drop ’em. Just a huge pest out there, and it should really continue tonight.

Andrew Brunette is da bomb dig, yo! No one beats “Bruno” behind the net, no one! And the feeds he gets through, man oh man, what a player! Another one who brings it every night, well almost! Look for “Bruno” to have some part in a couple goals tonight!

Cal Clutterbuck on top line again? “Clutz” is our energy boy, and he showed it last night. 8 hits, a goal, and skating faster than I have seen him in a while. [see “Sparky” karma] I hope to see it again tonight!

2nd in the NorthWest Divsion. If we beat Columbus, and the Red Wings beat Vancouver, we will be tied for 1st place! So all I can say is this….