SO close!


3 wins in a row! Yes, you read it right, THREE in a ROW! Now had the Red Wings won last night, we would have been tied for 1st in the Northwest Division. We are getting there! It is in our BLOOD!

Jose Theodore with the start last night. Great call Mr. Richards! I am all over the place with our goalies. With the season Niklas Backstrom had last year, and the beginning of this one until this week, well let’s just say I was calling for “Theo” to be our starter. I have not changed my mind here. I was a little concerned with putting “Theo” in with the way “Backs” has played. When he is on, you start him, period. But “Theo” played on his head. He let in a soft goal, as this crap happens to the best of them. It makes me wonder if “Backs” feels he has a threat on the bench now. Not taking anything away from Josh Harding, but “Theo” has more than proved himself over the years. If this is what it takes to get the best goalie tandem out there, then I say “Bravo Fletcher!”

It was some fast play out there last couple of nights. With the kids called up and playing, it was fast, furious, turnovers, mistakes, bruises, grittiness, fights, proving themselves, and it was fun to watch! It added a bit of the relentless play we have been lacking.  Even on the 2nd night of a back to back, most players didn’t look tired at all. It was quite refreshing, compared to the different types of periods we are used to seeing.

Is Antti Miettinen really missed at this point? [see “Mitts” is worthless] I say Cal Clutterbuck on the wing works better. And he really has no chemistry with Mikko Koivu and Andrew Brunette yet. I think this could be the makings of a good line. [see what we have to work with] I thought Chuck Kobasew was a good fit, too. But “Injuries R Us” prevails once again. It was awesome to see “Clutz” get a goal 2 nights in a row, last night producing the GWG. I think is a good fit, and I think it should stay. No one else has done this yet, so he stays!

Now we get, what I call a threat, of Pierre-Marc Bouchard returning. He does not fit anywhere. Another big 40 point per season man, at 4+ million a year. I would much rather see Casey Wellman on the roster, and with that thought, next…..

Since it is Sunday, with a little help again from my friend Peter, with all the music genius in the world, I give him yet another fist pump for his song choice for Cal Clutterbuck. It was a “Clutz” weekend to kick some butt out there. So “Clutz” my man, this is for you! ->  Hit ’em hard!

And if you did not see this from “Clutz” last night, you missed the 7-10 split pickup -> GWG!

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