MMDM turns into a Movember Movement!


If you are unaware of “MDDM”, it stands for Make My Day Monday. “MMDM” was started by Scott Norton of Norton Sports Management. It turns out to be a very simple process each Monday. Whether it be opening a door for someone, cleaning out your closet and and giving to the Salvation Army for those in need, or making a donation to a charity of your choice. Anything you can do to make a difference in someone’s life, no matter how small, or how big, is what “MMDM” is all about.

I have participated in this for a few months now. It has actually came to the point of restructuring my Mondays. I have donated coats I do not need to the Salvation Army. I have pumped an elderly woman’s gas for her. I have volunteered for Habitat For Humantity, amongst many other things. It is not about money. It is about helping your people, in any way possible.

Hockey players have played a huge role in getting this going, along with Scott Norton, the founder of making Mondays the best day of the week. Normally I am off on Mondays, but today was a rare exception. So on my way into work this morning I wondered what I could do for “MMDM.” I thought about Movember, (if you are not aware of Movember, it is time to grow a mustache, and raise awareness, as well as money for prostate cancer through the month of November) and them BOOM, it hit me.

I stopped at the store on the way in and purchased 20 Sharpies. I parked my car at work, and looked in the mirror, and drew on a mustache. It looked SO silly, but I was really going out on a limb on this one. I walked in to work and into my office, with everyone looking at me, and basically trying to hide their laughter. I waited about 20 minutes, and walked out with a handful of sharpies. I handede them out and told everyone to draw on a stache. They looked at me really, really weird like! I explained to them what I was doing, and that they should join in. We started a donation box, and so far we are at (in ONE day) $131.62! I think this is amazing for my team. Everyone seemed to have fun at a work, and also they are helping a fantastic cause.

So we can draw them on for the rest of the month. It was fun while around 10 of us went to lunch with our staches. Everyone was quick to answer the “what the heck is that for?” questions. Not everyone participated, but if it gets to one person, it was well worth it. This is a serious cancer that affects men, as much as breast cancer affects women.

And men, grow that stache! It is very acceptable in Movember!

If you care to donate to the Movember Movement, this is a very good place to do so, and through a very good friend. Even if it is $1, every bit helps. Right Here!

Remember on Mondays, and every other day, that a smile can make a person’s day. It can take them from sad or angry, to happy and motivated. Try it, you will not be disappointed! Make someone’s day, everyday! =)

If you have not seen the MoBros (Minny Wild’s Movember Players) you can do that Right Here!

Everyone is exposed to someone in their life at one point with cancer. If you have not been exposed, it is a horrible disease that kills millions. Stop it now, before it stops you, or a loved one!

And of course….