After the last 2 games, I do not know what to think now. Yes we have injuries, so what? The way Richards switched up the lines [see again] [see is Lemaire back?] I am not a huge Martin Havlat fan, but really? On the 3rd line with John Madden & Eric Nystrom? Please! This is a set up guy, so why there? The lines just became goofier as the night went on.

It appears they are back on pattern once again. Win 2, lose 2. Win 1, lose 1. Win 3, lose 3? After the last 2 games, I really do not see them beating the Bolts, no way in hell! I will say our goaltending has been good. But what about the D? Total disaster. Sit Justin Falk and keep Cam Barker out there? I don’t know which is worse. And what about Clayton Stoner? Sill no idea what has happened to him this season so far. He’s terrible! All 3 of them are terrible for that matter!

Brent Burns was suspended today for 2 games after a hit to Steve Bernier. “Burnsie” raised his glove and apparently the butt end of his stick caught his face. No way it was intentional, but a deserved suspension for sure. He will be hugely missed against the Bolts and the Ducks this week. He is one of the best players on the team in my opinion. It was reported that “Burnsie” was physically ill on the bus today. Not hard to believe for me.

So that leaves us Nick Schultz, Greg Zannon and who? Even “Concrete Man” has looked bad lately. Marek Zidlicky? I won’t even feed into this. Not tonight! I will hand it to “Schultzie” though, he has had some good games. But he obviously cannot do it alone. I see doom, and lots of it. Don’t get me wrong, I love The Wild, and always will, but this team is going down easy. Do we need another bag skate? Do we need a different Captain? Why does Matt Cullen not have an “A” on his jersey? Is Richards almost done? Is Fletcher almost done? [see none of the previous here] These guys need to get off their lazy butts, skate, and want to win. I have witnessed several good things this season so far, with an occasional bad game. But the last 2 were ridiculous, and shameful. I will admit, I think “Cullenator” deserves an “A” because he really is a sick, relentless player out there!

I will go out and say our goaltending has been very good. Jose Theodore saved us from total, utmost embarrassment Friday night. It was embarrassment enough losing to the Cats, but it could have been much worse. He was on is head all night. Yes 2 goals were let in early, but were either one of them his fault? No way! Total breakdown in the D, and then some. Inconsistent is one thing, losing all the time is one thing, but this is beyond silly. How can they play so well one night, I mean really well, and not even complete a pass the next night? I am confused, and totally clueless here. It is like they don’t care. I do not know what it will take to wake them up again. Something is not right here somewhere, but hasn’t that always been the case? Now I know what it feels like to be a Leafs fan. At least we are not owned by the NHL. I guess it could be worse. At the same time, The Coyotes at least made it to the Playoffs last year!

Until next time the only thing I can say is I hope they turn it around. There IS talent on this team. There is a lot of good things so far this season, but the past 2 games make me wonder.

Comments always welcome!

And of course I will choke it out….