Sunday night blues, and more!


Last night’s effort from The Wild was not even an effort after the first period. We didn’t look bad until the second period came along, really. Then it became 20 minutes of turnovers, SOG were scarce, and Niklas Backstrom did not exactly have a banner game.

After turning it around against the Red Wings on Friday night, the effort poor play was there. Although it was a horrible win, and I have said before, a win, is a win, is a win, is a win. The Red Wings spun circles around The Wild. Being the puck hogs that they are, I was shocked that we took the win in OT. In no way did I see that coming. Mikko Koivu had his first “moment” in a long time, and John Madden brought it home in OT. Jose Theodore is what held us in the game, nothing else. He was amazing in net! Being outplayed as we were, if it was not for “Theo” [see STARTER] we would have witnessed a 20 goal deficit easily. Yes, it was that bad!

While Minny anticipated the return of Marian Gaborik and Derek Boogaard the following night, I thought well maybe, just maybe we would see some effort and hard play out of The Wild. Maybe this would light the fire under their butts. Wow, was I wrong. The first period they held their own. After that, it was The Wild getting totally destroyed. Nothing was working, passes, pinches, the D [see Barker first and foremost] and turnovers to no end. It was disgraceful! “Backs” really was not at fault except on two goals in my opinion. The D had major meltdown, along with the forwards. I have no idea what is going to make The Wild play like they want to win anymore.

We have Guillaume Lantendresse and Chuck Kobasew injured. Pierre-Marc Bouchard also, if he counts anymore. Will these 3 make that big of a difference? “Tenders” definitely will not hurt being out there. He was just starting to get somewhat “fit” again and crashing the net and actually shooting the puck!  “Chuckie” is a give or take, and Butch, just pfffft! I was not impressed with him before the concussed head, why would I anticipate his return now? It means absolutely nothing to me. So where does this team go from here?

I have noticed for the past 4 or 5 games that “God” seems to be nursing some sort of injury. Nothing has been said of course, but he really is not up to par lately. He looks sluggish, and sometimes appears to be reaching for what he normally does easily. Colour me crazy, but an unhealthy “God” will seriously affect this team. I am not sure what is going on. But no one can tell me something is not up with him. Something just isn’t right.

On to something positive! Greg Zanon gets his song tonight! He is always putting his ass body on the line to stop a shot. Even when The Wild play poorly, you know “Concrete Man” will block a few for the team! So this is his song, it is so him! Thanks again Peter for the idea, you rock! *stick tap*! This is all about you Mr. Zanon -> Chuck Norris’ only real fear in life! And WOW what a Mo!

Comments always appreciated and welcome!

I love this team, even through the tough times….