Oh Kaptain “MY” Captain!


Tomorrow night is a huge night for me. The Wild play the Flyers, and I bet I lose my mind before the end of the night!

People often ask me since I am in Minny, and from Minny, WHY the Flyers? It is a very short story. When we lost the North Stars [see -> STILL bitter], and I was in college in Tempe, Arizona, my heart broke. I flew home immediately the day it was announced, and mourned the loss with my father. It was a long week, I can tell you that.

So now what was I to do? No way was I going to where “MY” North Stars went, because after all, they were not “MINE” anymore. If you are old enough to remember the days when you could not flip on TV, let alone an HDTV, and never see a game, let me tell you, it was pure hell. The majority of games you watched, were live, not on TV, nut being there! There was a few Flyers games I had been to, and for some reason I always like their play. It was pure gold in my eyes, and full of heart. Now for any hockey fan to hear “The Flyers” have heart, will surely make you laugh! The truth is, this is NOT the 70s anymore, get over it. [see -> Touche!]

So my team became the Flyers from that point on. I did not get to see much of them unless it was on ESPN [see -> yes at one time they actually acknowledged hockey] or the short highlight reel that night, but I stuck with them. The Dallas Stars? They did not exist to me. I loved the players, but the bitterness was there! [see -> always will be!]

So then The Wild come to Minny, and I was living here again. Perfect! We are getting another team! I was ecstatic! I went to the inaugural game and was hooked on a Minny team again. How could I not be? Season tickets were “MINE!” So what about The Flyers now? Still “MY” team. They got me through those long hard years, and no way in hell was I giving up on them. So there you have the story.And I absolutely love “MY” Captains! Or is it “MY” Kaptains? Please don’t make me choose!

So back to tomorrow night. Flyers are in town. Woooooooooo! I get to see “MY” 2 teams in the same building. This is awesome! I never miss it, ever! Whether I got to Philly for the game, or I am here, it will never be missed. The weird part about it is this…. I walk out of either arena and I am walking on air, and feel defeated at the same time. Unless you are a fan of 2 teams, you have no idea what it feels like. It is an exciting night for sure, but always strange. But also the most anticipated game of the year for me. [see -> close second is when The Wild play The Preds, this is always high scoring,  fights, and just killer fun!]

There is always an other hand in any story, right? Well there is in this one! For the past 6 years, yes 6, every time The Wild play The Flyers, it  does not matter where, it is a slow game. I cannot figure it out. Maybe I expect too much? But I don’t think so because I TiVo [see -> house “god”] every game, and rewatching, they are just pure boring, lifeless games. I do not understand it. My best hockey bud says the same thing, and he dislikes the Wild, and despises the Flyers. [see -> doesn’t everyone that is NOT a Flyers fan, whatever] Thinking on that here, I bet that is why he agrees with me. I get it now! Still boring hockey! [ see -> ncklsfdjfi;eujr w]

I will not sleep much tonight waiting for this. Big snow/ice storm tomorrow. Who cares? I’ll be there! Who will win? Well I will 1/2 win. I cannot call this game. I cannot predict this game. It would kill me to even attempt to! I am 1/2 happy either way, so bring it boys! You are ALL my life, and my reason for being. [see -> Man that was sappy, but all of them together, wow, just WOW!]

And so the countdown begins….

Comments, debates, gossip, I love it all, so bring it!



Oh and for the sake of it all….




(This is not fair!)