The Tryptophan Hangover!


The tryptophan hangover is already starting for many. But for The Wild, I believe they thought Thanksgiving was Wednesday, touche!

Not a good game last night [see -> for the “normal” Wild fan, but for me, Flyers wooo… Wild damn near brought me to tears!] the horror, the happiness, the horror, the “oh WOW Flyers scored AGAIN”….the horror, the “I want to hear Bro Hymn now………………………

No words can even put my thoughts into The Wild’s play last night. Horrendous, pitiful, terrible, horrific, lazy, pathetic, nap time, what the H, bag skate, bag skate some more, sickening, blood curdling, stress factor, horrible, stupid, ack ack ack!

At least Matt Kassian gave me something to cheer about last night. (did you know it is pronounced “cash-ian?” I bet you did not!) Anyway… at least he brought Jody Shelley to a draw in a sweet fight.I only wish he could play half as good as he can “drop ’em!”

Who needs John Scott and Derek Boogaard anyway? Kassian is a big kid, and last I heard, he was on his way back  to Houston today. For turkey? I think not! His play was just stunningly grotesque, again. Makes my belief in Chuck Fletcher a little stronger. Scott and Boogaard were never sent down, hah!

Weird thing happened last night. Kimmo Timonen, (A Fin we do not have to complete our “Finnish Mafia”) broke the glass with a dump in last night with 2 minutes left in the period. Instead of replacing the glass, and resuming play, they broke to intermission. Weak sauce, just as The Wild were picking it up and getting their mojo rising………………… [see -> WHAT?]

I hope the trainers have banned turkey from the Wild player’s food consumption today. They way they have been playing lately, I bet it would take months for the tryptophan to wear off. Hey another word for their play last night! Ridiculous. (not the ‘good” ridiculous) [see -> sick play… literally]

Hats off to “MY” Flyers though. James Van Riemsdyk started it all off, with a sick goal. The kid has been working hard since being brought back up from The Phantoms. He got the massacre rolling. Stick Tap “JVR“, well deserved!

And while on the subject of stick taps, one goes to to Patrick O’Sullivan, too. He was the only Wild player to hit the back of the net, and more intense, he was the only player to have a +/- of 1 last night. Rejoice Minny!

Not going into this game. All I know is that I was obnoxious, loud, happy, sad, and everything in between.  All “MY” boys on the same ice, at the same time. Dreams are made of this only once a year, and in a superior year, twice! Just pure 100% awesomeness!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone out there. I appreciate you reading!

Comments always welcome, appreciated, and answered!

I still believe, really………………..