Wild “Power” Rankings


Looking at the ESPN power rankings this morning, I noticed The Wild are ranked at 20, with this comment added:

"Let’s be honest, is there a more unpredictable team in the NHL?"

Although I thought that ranking was high, I am blaming Todd Richards.

Answer to this question? Absolutely not! One game they look like a Cup contender, the next they look like the Minnesota State University Mankato Mavericks, chippy play and all. While I know players can have bad days, The Wild have taken it another level all together. I know what to expect from The MSU Mavericks, it is consistent, and not very good. But they are still my team. The Wild on the other hand, are not in the WCHA, are making a living playing hockey, and sometimes more than not, I wonder if they listened in Mites! “Shoot the puck!” is instilled in players from the time they start playing. “Shoot the puck!” “Shoot the puck!” Shoot the puck!” Bantams and Midgets players learn a little more, “Crash the net!” “Crash the Net!” “Crash the net!” etc! etc! etc!

I have been in a lot of heated discussions about Niklas Backstrom vs Jose Theodore lately. Do I blame goalies? If they let in too many soft goals I most certainly do. [see -> VS Colorado Avalanche Monday night] “Backs” was horrible in  net. Why didn’t Richards pull him? I am not saying we would have won the game, but to let 7 goals through, (I counted 4 soft ones, not like the rest of the team played well either) and THEN put in “Theo” was disastrous. Bad, bad judgement call there. “Theo” stood on his head the night before against The Nashville Predators. You STAY with the hot goalie, and not have him sitting on the bench the next night! Richards’ head was almost called for here. Actually, I think I did a call for it a few times that night.

I have had a problem with Richards for a little while now. We have a lot of injuries yes, but the changing of the lines constantly, makes me wonder just what he is doing. How can any player gain chemistry when they play with someone different every night? It is not going to happen. Maybe we should go back to “Mites” on this? Ok I will give it “Pee Wees!” When I jumped for joy that Jacques Lemaire was gone, it is like he the last one laughing now. System WAY better [don’t see -> boring D trap BS anymore] but the line changes even throughout a game makes me ill! Look at The Detroit Red Wings [see -> yes it is like that] and their constant SAME players on any given line, and what kind of team they are. Mike Babcock surely does not do this! Let the players bond on the ice for more than 3 shifts!

I have no idea what to expect tonight. The Phoenix Coyotes are definitely a team to contend with. They fell off a 7 game winning streak, losing the last 2, but they are not to be taken lightly. The “Yotes” are for real. It is he return of Pierre-Marc Bouchard tonight, and I know a lot of people are swelling over this one. To be honest, I always saw him as more of a set-up player, and we are highly lacking finishers, so will it make a difference? I don’t think so. The fact that he came off of a concussed head of over a year, it is not like he is going to be crashing the net. He is human, and there is no way he is not terrified of another hit. It will take him time to adjust, but I will like seeing his sick skills again. The man has some serious hands on him!

I am kind of lost going into tonight’s game. I think all of us are. What to expect no one knows. What we want to see? I know we can ALL agree on that! GO “THEO!”

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I love The Wild (and The Flyers of course) and I have to say this…………