Dear Santa…


I found some Santa letters from The Wild players and thought I would share them with you one at a time.

Dear Santa,

I really like playing hockey, and I give it 100% every night. I only want the same thing I have wanted year in and year out. Can you please bring me a worthy winger? I do not think this is too much to ask for. I hate to lose, and I know I had a bad spell there for a while, but I am back, really. I am capable of so much more, if I only had a winger that could produce. People laughed at my contract when I signed it. I just want to show Minny what I can do, and with the wingers I have, it is just not possible. All they have to do is finish the play. Speaking of finish, I mean Finnish, I am so over my love for my Finnish winger. He is a nice guy, and please do not tell him I said this, but the day has come for him to go. We share a heritage, and I feel strongly about my Suomi roots, but it really does not matter anymore. He does play a mean guitar, so maybe you can help him be part of a band permanently. I only want what is best for him, really. And my other winger, the veteran, is starting to show his age. While we all get older, he went from awesome to old pretty fast. Maybe he could go back to Colorado? Anywhere else? Santa, please help me out here. I will not tell anyone I sent this to you, it will remain our little secret. I promise!

Mikko Koivu

P.S. I am learning to bake for you. Since practices seem to be optional a lot of the time, I am going to bake you some cookies worth a *fist pump* and *point to you* on the ice. And of course I have the carrots for all the reindeer. My swagger overflows to you Santa!