HHoF Calls For Mikko Koivu’s Stick!


Todd Richards was awoken after a long sleepless night by the telephone. It was the HHoF was calling him, to call for Mikko Koivu‘s stick. [see -> a lot of “calls” there] Yes, I am not kidding you! [see -> blasphemy in my brain]

And by now, everyone has heard, and watched the goal by [right handed shot] Bobby Ryan with [left handed shot] Mikko Koivu‘s stick. It is something that may haunt Wild fans for years. While for me, it is one of the more humourous things I have witnessed in hockey in a lot of years. And yes, I AM a fan!

The HHoF called for the stick early this morning, and not because of the goal it helped produce, but for the Mikko Koivu Mikko Koivu reaction “after” it happened. While I respect the H out of, the fact that no one shows the aftermath of the goal is beyond me. I recorded it on my SD TV so it is not beautiful, but funny just the same. [see -> wrong Tivo! Argh!] Take a look at the entire clip!

Did Mikko Koivu “really” try and argue this? While he is the one with the wrong doing taking Bobby Ryan‘s stick to begin with, it IS legal to play with another players stick. I refer to Mikko Koivu as “God” but the look on his face is priceless. As Bobby Ryan said today, maybe he will play with a left handed stick more often. What a little s***! How can any hockey fan not love this!

I hear the HHoF is creating a room just for his stick. I have sources [see -> in my head & the all new, refurbished mop room now known as the Mikko Koivu room of shame] and this is what they tell me! I think a trip to Toronto is in my near future now. This is a must see for me. I wonder if they will let me touch it. I would laugh so hard I would cry tears! I have never touched the Cup, although seeing it many times, but out of respect for Mikko Koivu, I would touch his stick. He would want it that way I’m sure. It also makes me wonder if Dan Boyle uses the same stick? That would explain a LOT of things, eh? All I can say is man, what a night! The Wild are more entertaining  this year than ever before!


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