The Wild Holidays!


Christmas time is here again, which means a few things. Only one more Wild game before Christmas. The way they are playing, I want to see more! [see -> Marek Zidlicky glove save last night, among many other things! “Perhaps” he saved the game, you decide! Sick!

The boys have looked good the past 2 games. Granted, it was the Calgary Flames, but it was close to 60 minutes of pure heart, guts, and soul both nights. Also to take 4 points from a division rival is pure awesomeness!  And it is about time. The 2nd periods seem to always get a a little shaky, but the 3rds have come out strong these past 2 games.

When I look at Jared Spurgeon and Marco Scandella, I cannot help but smile. The future of our team looks awesome! Add in Casey Wellman, and the highly anticipated Mikael Granlund [see -> 12 GP 3 G 8 A so far this season in the Finnish Elite League playing with the “big boys” for the SECOND year, he is 18! Last season 43 GP 13 G 27A + 6 GP 1 G 5 A in the playoffs at age 17!] So much to look forward to, patience is all it takes.We are living out the Doug Risebrough years yet. Just wait until Chuck Fletcher actually gets a REAL chance!

It was nice to see, as I think every Wild fan can agree on, that Cam Barker was a healthy scratch. It is about time. He is atrocious out there. Maybe this will knock something into him. Fight? Passion? The will to WIN?  Anything at this point! Apparently it worked for Clayton Stoner who put on a knockout show on Saturday night, and a close second on Sunday night. Looks like the Clayton Stoner [see -> yet another good player gone bad due to contract, or see -> Niklas Backstrom!] I can honestly say “Backs” was on his head all night Monday, as Saturday it looked more like a bunch of routine saves to me, with 3-4 GOOD saves. It is not that I do not like “Backs“, but for 6 million, with 1.2 million riding the pine, I’d take the 1.2 guy myself. I think he is better, period.

On to the goalie debate. Stats are close on both of them. But on the other hand, one makes as I said 6 million, the other one makes 1.2 million. Both veteran goalies. One with a Vezina, one without. The Vezina guy has passed his prime (kid of), and the 6 million guy “should” be in it. When the Vezina guy is hot, and winning, you play him. I don’t care if it is 2 veteran goalies or not. I do not care if it is 6 million sitting on the bench. You always go with the hot goalie! If he’s on, then the other rides the pine. I have had issues with the 6 million guy for a while. Yes you need a team in front of you, which we have not proven yet this year, but maybe, just maybe, the players have no faith in the 6 million guy, then what? You know the answer. I could go on for days on this, but I will not. 6 million vs Vezina. Either way Mr. Richards, you stay with the one winning games at all costs, back to back to back or 5 days apart!

So here comes the stretch. For me, 2 nights without hockey is painful. Yes it is the holidays, but I need my hockey fix every night. I have done all I can to get a pond hockey game going on Christmas day, but to no avail. Family stuff for all, and that’s a wonderful thing. But no hockey, it hurts already…

But then, we get the World Juniors! [see -> take the All Star break away, and the silly follies, and instead have a WJ break I say!]  This is the best tournament of the year! I will be watching all our prospects thoroughly. Other than the Olympics, this is the big one! I cannot wait. This is better than not sleeping waiting for Santa, it is THAT good!

So back up and let’s think about the last 2 games? I see a win on Thursday. A big win! It will be another division rival, a very young, very fast team that totally embarrassed us last time. We will not go unnoticed this time, we will win! And the fact they got blown away tonight by the Los Angeles Kings, will make it that much sweeter. Do it boys, win this one!

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