“Zeke” Gone Wild!


After last night’s game, I cannot wait for the next. Why do we have to wait? WHY Hockey Gods, WHY? They played 60 minutes of grit, forecheck, backcheck, pokecheck [see-> heaven?] and NO crosscheck from Eric Nystrom! They never gave up. Relentless! This is The Wild I have been waiting to see! My goodness, where did this come from?! And please, don’t go away!

From the initial puck drop, to the game ending horn, it was fast, furious, and beyond my recognition of anything The Wild have done this season, thus far. 60 minutes of play! SIXTY! It was so fun to watch, words can hardly explain it! I was glued to my TV, finally! Bring it Wild, bring it!

A lot has happened since my last post. Holidays are over, and finally I can get back to this, I missed it! Jared Ortmeyer signing, which is something I “kind of” get. Not like he is hot material, or ever was, so I see it as insurance. Houston should do him well I think. If they call him up, well the only thing I can figure is Chuck Fletcher is grooming the kids, as he should be. Grooming? Ok hockey terms, conditioning, building, etc, etc… you get it. No need to rush these kids. [see -> the “still”  painful Doug Risebrough days, please vanish from my memory, already!] Colton Gillies and James Sheppard are thinking, “Why could I not be a couple years younger and get the same chance as say, Casey Wellman?” or “Why did I get thrown in SO fast?” etc, etc…

As far as the “Zeke” title goes, I am of course, referring to Kyle Brodziak. For some reason, and as you can see mentioned in earlier posts, there was always something I saw in “Zeke.” I am not sure what it was, or what to pinpoint to it. It was just “there.” I was highly criticized most of the time, but it did not matter. And now he has proven what I had been seeing. “Good guys” in the NHL do not last long as everyone knows. He has went from the super nice player, to beast this season. The player that rarely took a hit, let alone throw one. The player that rarely crashed the net. Rarely made a good pass, let alone getting one. Now, NOW, he is all over the ice, his speed has increased, he seems to have grown a tad bit more of dynamic vision, [see-> not Martin Havlat type vision, but still good] he definitely has grit, and he fights, and checks, and the way he crashes the net, just blows my mind. Most improved player of the year? Absolutely! Look at this picture! “Zeke“, FTW!

Last season, you would have NEVER even imagined a shot like that, really “Zeke!?” Yowza!

Now a couple other shoutouts from last night. Say it with me, “THEO!” [see -> I knew you could do it!] Jose Theodore was on his head, and every place else last night! The “THEO” vs. “Backs” “battle” may continue on, but I am all about “THEO!” “Backs” has not put on a “show” like this all season. If you are Niklas Backstrom lover, cool. But please, you have to admit, last night was the best goalie performance all season by The Wild. Nothing even comes close! “THEO” killed it!I am not saying I do not like “Backs“, and I never have, but I will preach on my beliefs, that although “THEO” is past his prime, he is much better in the pipes than “Backs.” [see-> and for a lot LESS money, we stole him!]

Another shoutout goes to Marco Scandella. This kid is really pouring it on. From numerous takeaways, to blocked shots, to my all time favourite D move, pinching the H in! The future of The Wild really impresses me!

And the cool shoutout for the night. John Madden! Going in for an easy empty netter, he instead passes the puck to Mikko Koivu, and Mikko nets it! This was pure class on Madden‘s behalf! It just shows the the players DO respect Mikko, and to think otherwise, is pure blasphemy! Just another reason to love hockey, respect!

So backing up to my main focus, that of course I got a little sidetracked on, and that focus would be “Zeke” I have not done too many songs for players lately and he has more than earned one now. Mr. Brodziak, this is for you! -> Bring it Kyle!

Like it or not, let me know! I adore comments, and always answer each and every one of them!



This is a new Minny Wild team. the team we know is there. Let’s get it going….