41 Games Down. Tied With San Jose For 7th. Whaaaat?


Another rip roaring game tonight for The Wild, as Jose Theodore [ see -> Niklas who?] gets a shutout against The Pittsburgh Penguins, 4-0! No typos here! Just good hockey! What an outstanding road trip for The Wild! Bravo boys, B-R-A-V-O!

We have a stellar record against the Penguins. [see -> stats are not my usual, but this IS necessary, we just shutout the Penguins!] 9-2-1 record against them. The Wild have never allowed more than 2 goals against. And get this, FIRST shutout EVER at The Consol Energy Center. Rock it Wild!

They came out hard in the first period, and ended it 2-0. Mikko with a shot that bounced off of Kobasew’s chest? Or something! 1-0 WildPierre-Marc Bouchard later on, took a shot that let up a rebound, with Martin Havlat snatching it up, and hitting the back of the net! 2-0 Good Guys!

The second started off as good, but diminished some as the clock remained ticking. After a penalty from Max Talbot for boarding, then a triping call on Matt Cooke [see -> Cooke penalty? noooooooo way….] The Wild had a :36 5 on 3.  Nothing going, and a bit of slump began. Then the almighty Mikko Koivu line [see -> keep Chuck Kobasew up there for the luv of god!] had a bad bit, and were stuck out there way too long. I don’t know how they continued playing, and were actually able to get off the ice. It was painful watching….  Still 2-0 Wild.

Then on to the third. It picked up again. “Theo“‘s pipes were sick in this period. As I sat and thought to myself over and over, shutout, shutout, shutout, I tried not to. Because we all know this is a jinx, and should never even be thought of, let alone said out loud. “Theo” would just say it is part of his gear, as all goalies do. But to me, it was a sound that haunted me, but at the same time made me crazy, in a good way. Thank you for metal! At about 7 minutes in, Cal Clutterbuck hit a slapper, 4-0 Wild! Is it just me, or did we not only steal “Theo” this year, but “Clutz‘s” contract is starting to look like the contract of the year award recipient! Anyway,  time was winding down and the shutout HAD to happen! On Twitter I had said this: “A little insurance here would be nice.” There was about 6 minutes left. A little facetious, but you never know, right? With about 3 minutes left, Cal Clutterbuck took a goaltender interference call. Are you kidding me? Not now! They actually pulled Marc-Andre Fleury, and somehow, someway, Kyle Brodziak [see -> Yes!] flips the puck, and somehow it went to the other end, trickled, jumped, rolled on it’s side, barely hit the post and went in! Insurance uh huh! 4-0 Wild! But then Clayton Stoner took a penalty shortly after. Sure it was our game, but it was Theo‘s shutout we were talking about now. Clayton Stoner was not on my good side right then, Nope, no way. It was a 1:18 that felt like 3 days. But we managed to pull it out! “THEO” managed to pull it out! The Wild WIN!

I am stoked for tomorrow night! Anton Khudobin in net? I think so. “Theo” DESERVES a rest! This is a close back to back with travel, but we can do this. I only wish The New Jersey Devils could have waited to trade Jamie Langenbrunner for a few more days. Remember what he did to us last time we played The Devils? Let’s just erase it from our non-forgetting, hockey loving minds [see -> yeah sure, like forgetting Lemaire and Risebrough” Dynasty Days”] and move forward. This is the team that we looked at on paper in August and thought, WOW, we just may have something here. So it took a little longer than expected. And remember saying, as we all did at one point, “Fire Todd Richards!” Touche!

I am adding a song I really like, and I have waited for the right time to dedicate to this Minnesota Wild. It is your time guys, here’s to you! ->Fantastic!

Tied for 7th in the West along with The San Jose Sharks. Can you dig?

Comments? Debates? I love it all!