“Wild” Passions! Last Night and Today!


Let’s get started!

Matt Cooke threw yet another nasty, brutal hit last night on Fedor Tyutin. In other news, the sky is blue! If you have not seen it, take a look!


Matt Cooke, an ice time waste, should not only be suspended the rest of the season, they should toss him from of the NHL permanently! He keeps doing this over and over. He has quite possibly ended Marc Savard‘s career already. Does he need to kill someone on the ice before the NHL wakes up?! He charged from the blue line, the BLUE LINE, right into Fedor Tyutin‘s numbers with a brutal hit from behind! This has to stop! There is a big phone hearing today, [see -> “Perfectly fine with us Matty, carry on!”] and we all know what the means, AGAIN! A slap on the wrist, and little cash from his pocket, and back in 4! Maybe I am thinking too harshly. It will probably be only 2! What a role model he must be for his son!! Next………

Colin Campbell needs to man up like NOW! Since Gary Bettman cannot do his job, let Matt Cooke do it for him. Headlines will eventually read “Hockey Player Dies on the Ice.” And that is misstated also. Probably be the back back of section E, beacuse we all know how much Gary Bettman has put hockey on the map! There you go Bettman, just keep watching, and doing nothing. It will happen if he does not do something about this, THIS time! How the hell does he sleep at night?

And then you have some Pens fans, among others, defending Matt Cooke? Hockey is my passion, my life! But if Cal Clutterbuck was to do something even remotely dirty like this, even once, I would see it! And I would definitely call him out! Take off your fan shades, stop eating those little pills, they are not m&ms, and wake up! I have heard people saying  what about the David Steckel hit on Sidney Crosby? What about it!? Yes it was dirty, and the NHL sees what they want! Everyone knows this! This should not even be brought up on this SCUM subject! Do I have to bring up Alex Ovechkin‘s knees here, too? No! And that is only in the past week! I think I have wasted enough space, time and energy on this useless excuse of a hockey player! Welcome to the wonderufl world of the corrupt NHL! (whew! Had to let it out!!!)

On to better things. The Minny Wild! We play the Colorado Avalanche tonight! Too may days between games again! We will win this one. This is our 5th matchup of the year, and it has been Avalanche win, The Wild win, Avalanche Win, The Wild win. Time to break the trend! Niklas Backstrom beween the pipes. People tend to think I hate him. Only thing I have ever asked for is to get the 6 million dollar goalie we are paying for! He is playing out of his mind right now. Perfect call to keep him out there tonight. I bow down Mr. Richards! But please Todd, if he gives up a couple easy ones, again, please pull “Backs” and put Jose Theodore in! I have yet to be convinced of any consistency!

Our boys are sitting in 10th right now. The Western Conference race is a mess? If The Wild win tonight, and the San Jose Sharks beat the Columbus Blue Jackets, and the Ottawa Senators beat The Calgary Flames, and the Pittsburgh Penguins beat the LA Kings, we are in 7th! How can you not love this time of the season?! It is all about the puck in Minny!!!

And a shout out to my boys in Philly! I do not do this nearly enough! How much depth can one team have? The Philadelphia Flyers are down right sick! Kick some Carolina Hurricane butt tonight! DO IT!

I really want comments/debates on this one! =)

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