Precious Cal, But An Even Better Theo!


I am going there. The atrocious hit Trevor Gillies put on Cal Clutterbuck. Let the games begin! Take a CLOSE look, really.

Ok take the fan shades off. “Clutz” received a boarding call. It was way late after the whistle. Dirty? Possibly. He could have stopped it easily. He jammed Justin DiBenedetto, after the whistle, from behind, to the boards, hard, then looked around like, what? I am not justifying Trevor Gilles. But seriously, he was not the only one in the wrong here! “Clutz” should have gotten at least 5 himself! Yes he tried to stop it, but hello? He could have stopped more than he did! And what if there as no whistle? Think about it! Late hit? Hit from behind? You call it, because you know it was wrong! “Clutz” is not angelic here!!

Now the NHL makes a mockery of themselves yet again. After returning from a 9 game game suspension, a few shifts in, Trevor Gillies pulls the same crap. 10 games this time. I think too low, but that is just me. The NHL, or any other hockey rink does not need these types of players. Now is the time to make a statement, I suppose. Not when Matt Cooke took out Alex Ovechkin‘s knees, then about killed Fedor Tyutin in the next game. Now if Matt Cooke had been suspended for taking out Alex Ovechkin‘s knees, would he have faced a 10 game suspension for the nasty hit on Fedor Tyutin. Hell no. He is Matt Cooke. He works for Mario Lemieux. You know, the guy who blasts the New York Islanders, and never mentions the trash on HIS team. Moving on…

I saw this picture on The Wild website today, and it made me think:

Can we just get Antti Miettinen a real gig somehere? Anywhere? I hear he is a phenomenal musician, and I hope he can find one soon!

Game day! Buffalo Sabres in da house, yo! We are beyond needing 2 points tonight. If there is any hope left, we have to win this one. The past 3 games have been horrific. Lacklustre all around. No execution. No drive. No passion. Boring hockey. Now I will say it was awesome seeing Casey Wellman up, and scoring that beauty of a goal! My my my, that kid is fast with some fierce, sick, just totally filthy sick hands! With so many players out tonight, you have to know Jose Theodore will be between the metal tonight. He should have been a lot more of the year, but that is overplayed by me! Duh! But look at his stats the last 5 games he has played! 4-1-0, 2.24 GAA, .942 SV%! And this was all behind a team playing puck in a terrible way! “Theo” is hot right now. Let’s put the past behind us, and think to ourselves, “Hmmm… Todd Richards will do the right thing and play the goalie on fiyah tonight!” That should do it!

6th place to 10th in the West,  all in one week. We need this bad boys, GO Wild GO!!

KSTC at 5PM CST! Be there! Hopefully you are not in the middle of nowhere Minny like I am! SD on my TV is terrible. I am spoiled!  At least I get it! The cup is always half full here, and that is WHY The Wild WILL make the playoffs!

Throw me come luv, or some hate , or whatever it may be. I will always respond!

Peace out, yo!