Do Or Die Or Win Or Lose Or Oh!… Hello There Gui!


The return of Guillaume Latendresse tonight! Excellent news for our boys! Our best, and should I say only real goal scorer, returns after being injured in game 8 this year! I do not expect  miracles, but come on! The Colorado Avalanche have lost the past 5 games played, and with the horrible  trades they produced last week [ see -> Man, I am glad I am not an Avs Fan, worst trade in years or? ] this should be an easy win with or without Tenders!

But who doesn’t want to see this kind of play again like right now?!

As it sits we are 2 points out of a playoff spot. I keep saying this is the last time I will hash this over to myself. I keep saying no way in hell can we do this. But then my half “full” glass tells me yes we can, we can do this, we can make the playoffs! The Wild have a 4 game road stint after tonight. We rock on the road so why not? We can do this! Vancouver Canucks or not!

Niklas Backstrom between the pipes. Not a surprise! He always plays like a freak when he sits a game, or in this case, two games. Of course I would rather see Jose Theodore out there, but I have said that all year, moving on.

Predictions around say that it will take 95 points to make it. That would mean we need to win 10 of 16. Tonight is the NOW and time to change it to 9 wins needed! Why not just win them all? It IS possible. Look at The New Jersey Devils! [ see-> That hurt! Lemaire memories etched in my head. Trap anyone? Grrr.! ] So remember when you take in that game at 7 PM CST on Versus tonight, keep your glass half FULL! [ see -> Preferably with Molson Golden! ]

Peace out, yo!