Sacco Gone Whacko. Not Forgiven & Not Forgotten.

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A little more on this game! Martin Havlat, Matt Cullen, Kyle Brodziak, and Brent Burns stand out the most, other than “Spurgy.” They came out with a fierce jump, and it continued throughout the game. The 2nd period wasn’t as good as it could have been I thought. Par for the course when it comes to 2nd periods with The Wild. And the forecheck returned with a vengeance! We rocked it in the 3rd. Peter Budaj had quite the outburst on Guillaume Latendresse‘s head! “Tenders” on the ice flat out, and Budaj over him throwing a few! Frustration much? And then on a player we have not seen since October 25th due to injury on his first time game back? Pure class, eh? (I have yet to find the video or create, but will post when I do!) Other than that, we outplayed, outskated, out everything The Colorado Avalanche in the 3rd . And then the last 3 seconds of the game happened…

For some reason, Joe Sacco, head coach of The Colorado Avalanche, thought it was necessary, to give David Koci and Cody McLeod “ice time.” 3 seconds left and The Wild up 5-2. What was Sacco thinking here? Koci has an average of 2.24 PIM, 3.01 TOI, while McLeod‘s average is 2.75 PIM, 9.01 TOI. Goon wannabe goon time much? Of course there was no intent of anything on Sacco‘s part, now was there? This was totally overshadowed because of the gruesome Zdeno Chara hit on Max Pacioretty [ see -> I am in no way getting into this hit. The internet is only so big! thoughts are with you Patches! ] McLeod apparently felt the “need” to take a run at Marek Zidlicky, after he left in the 2nd period injured, after the final whistle! Why is the NHL not looking at this? Sacco should be fined 10k on general principle alone. He knew exactly what he was doing!  And it just got better as Budaj came down dropping his gloves. Really? What a joke! I know I will try to be at the X next season when we play The Colorado Avalanche again. Preferably right behind their bench! And let’s not leave out the Ladislav Smid hit on Darroll Powe, that was totally overlooked , too!

I assume that because these players did not get hurt, no reason to look at it, right Mr. Campbell & Mr. Murphy? Wait a minute! Chara broke Pacioretty‘s neck, concussed him, and nothing happened. Just what was I thinking?

So to get off of this [ see -> for now because the season is not even close to over, and we all know that justice wheel is going to fail many more times! ] we play the Nashville Predators tonight. The Wild are in 9th place, while they sit 1 point under us in 10th. This is another must win tonight. I think we need to win 3 of the next 4 to make it. And 9 of the next 15 total. The Predators are my favourite team team to play. Usually high scoring, and always physical. After the relentless play Tuesday [ see  -> do I have to include the 2nd period in that? ] they need to turn it on again, and way up!

FSNorth at 7 PM! Be there! And bring that half FULL glass of Molson with you!!

“If” by chance you would like to see Mr. Campbell & Mr. Murphy gone, go here-> Let the passion of the hockey fan be heard before someone gets killed out there. Pass it along, this so-called justice must end!

Let’s get it done Wild!!

Peace out, yo!