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Doug Risebrough is enjoying himself on the beach today, drinking a margarita, while singing this, with a huge grin on his face! Have a listen here!

It is now “official”. The Wild have been eliminated of any playoff hopes. Not like the past month has not been “fair warning” enough. It is still a tough day when it becomes a realization. It takes even longer to sink is. 3 more games is what we have left, 3! Then what do we do for 7 months? Fortunate for me I still have The Philadelphia Flyers in there. As a fan equally obsessed with 2 teams, I suggest you do the same! Will The Wild ever make it again? As a huge fan of Chuck Fletcher, who has accomplished more for this team in 2 seasons than Doug Risebrough did in 8, I would like to think so, but right now the glass of Molson is half empty. Sure it will pass, but not yet! Way too soon!

Right now I can only think we are in 21st in the league. This puts us at 10th overall draft pick! Just not acceptable! Here’s to The St. Louis Blues , The Columbus Blue Jackets, The Atlanta Thrashers, and even The New Jersey Devils winning out, while we tank out. If that is not hard to swallow, I do not know what is. Could get us to 6th pick though. See, there is hope after all.  This is the glass of Molson half full side. So again, do not forget this!

The off season is almost here, and will be an interesting one for sure. The rare camera shots of Chuck Fletcher during games of the past few weeks have been anything but happy with the players, and game they are playing. It is like you can see inside his mind thinking “trade, waive, and thankfully his contract is over! [ see -> Miettinen & Kobasew & even Brunette. We all love & respect Bruno, but he looks old out there! Time to retire! ] ” So now we just wait it out. Nothing more we can do.

The NCAA Frozen Four is in town. If you are not an avid watcher of college hockey, this may change what you watch! The city of St. Paul is busting out with hockey fans, and according to Dan Cook of WCCO radio, so are professional players! Not sure who, since I cannot be there, I do not want to know! I do not wear green well! You should get out there, see what you have been possibly missing! USA hockey, college hockey, and WCHA hockey is pure GOLD! Unless you witness it live, the atmosphere is indescribable! “On your feet MINNESOTAAAA” takes on a an entire new meaning!

Shout out to Brad Staubitz over the weekend! My opinion of him is that he plays hard every game. EVERY game! Wish he would rub off on some of our other players! No he did not score any goals until a few games back. That is not his role on the team! He does what he needs to do and he does it well! While you may miss Derek Boogaard and John Scott, stop it! Yes they were big, so what? Staubitz can skate for one, and even score a garbage goal here and there! He does his job just fine! Oh and for less money! Just thought I would throw that in! I saw this over the weekend and I could not help but laugh. Michael Russo of the Minneapolis Star Tribune tweeted this:

"For Staubitz, that’s his third goal in 8 games. That’s Crosby-like for a tough-guy"

While most of the team had looked like bantams, Staubitz still brought it. Enough said on that!


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