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All Aboooaaard!


While the Chicago Blackhawks blew it this afternoon against the Detroit Red Wings, tonight boys, we make history! This will in no doubt whatsoever be one of the most watched Minnesota Wild games since their inception! I’d like to say because this is the Stanley Cup Final Game 7, or that this is Game 1 of the first series on the playoffs. Or even that we still have hope left to make it into the playoffs, yeah right! Not even close! This is all about the Chicago Blackhawks and The Dallas Stars.

If The Wild win, The Blackhawks are in the playoffs. If the Stars win in regulation or OT, they make it in. So selfish of these teams to make it about them! This is our last game! This is our pond! This is “The State of Hockey” and we earned that title! Ok well maybe The Wild did not help us get that title, but the WCHA did last night! UMD Bulldogs won the NCAA Championship Game! That’s right the Frozen Four! Minnesota represent! And they will all be there tonight, it is about them! It is about the pitiful Wild, and about the fans! Even the ones that go to talk and not pay attention to the game. the ones that talk and know nothing about hockey. You know when you go to a game the ones that annoy you, and you just want them to shut up or better yet, leave? Yes the “State of Hockey” fans at their finest!

Do I sound bitter? I am actually going to be sad when this game is over. 7 months of waiting, yet again! Do I care who wins tonight? Hmm. I have no answer. As a Wild fan I want them to tank it out. 9th draft pick right now. If we win (haha!) then we move to 10th. If The Stars win they advance. As an old North Stars fan, do you think I want them to win? Ding ding! The other half of me is a Philadelphia Flyers fan. After last year’s Game 6 Stanley Cup Final loss, with the stupid Patrick Kane goal, and Michael Leighton‘s 5 hole open for the entire world to see, (ahh but he is here to save us this post season!) do you think I want the Blackhawks to win? Ding ding! I’d like to say just let me see a good game. Hmm. The Wild have not shown us one of those in over a month! Just what was I thinking?

On a good note for Blackhawks fans, Jose Theodore is in the pipes. Cannot think of anything else positive for you.

On a good note for Stars fans, you can probably sit a few of your clutch players and it will be fine!

As for me I will be watching the Masters hoping it goes to 2 and a half hours of tie breaking holes! (yeah I will switch back and forth)

Welcome to our bandwagon if only for the night! We have never had one before, so all the seats are nice and comfy and clean!


Peace out!