Wild again!!


Time to get writing once again, I’m back!!

No even sure where to start. After the game against the Edmonton Oilers Thursday night, the only good thing to come out of the game was the possessed Matt Cullen. Did the rest of the team even play? The top line looked like the rest of the team, except for Cullen, skating in circles and chasing the puck. A puck possession team is what Mike Yeo wants, well let me tell you, they have more work to do than I even imagined.

Before the game in Edmonton, my tolerance was there. New system, new coach, bleh bleh, SSDYear! I even had a bit of confidence in Niklas Backstrom. And that is a lot coming from me! He is actually leaving the blue paint once in a while & challenging, He is good when he does this the majority of the time! Then the almighty shootout when he gave up ALL THREE! He just doesn’t care, or his lack of confidence is showing, AGAIN, or our 6 million dollar man is one of the last of Doug Risebrough‘s hiccups! Will they ever end?! Not like you can you blame Bob Mason, he is good!

Josh Harding looked good in his first game. That game was a loss, that didn’t leave you sick to your stomach for once. I hope he gets a few more games in soon. I like his style & I prefer him over Backs. Yes I have it in for Backs!! Again, SSDYear!!

It is good to be back, & I will post frequently! This is just a start to get going again. Thanks for reading & keep hockey in your heart! It is the only thing that can let you down, but the bounce back is always worth it! And of course we keep on taking it!!

GO Wild GO!!!