Mike Yeo, YO!!!


This article was written and prepared by Nikkole Donnovan

4 in a row?? Can we do it? You bet we can! The Wild are on fire!Harding in net once more. Well deserved! Makes me worship Mike Yeo even more than I already do. Not one other coach we have had would let this happen. Yeo is the man! Backstrom is an awesome six million dollar bench warmer. Works for me! The Wild have sucked up to Backstrom forever. About time The Wild play & stay with the hot goalie!!! Yes!!!

So much good they are doing. Almost the entire team. Matt Cullen, as I call Cullenator, is psycho out there. After the slaughter on Vancouver, he said with the amount of shots he had, 2 goals was a bad percentage. Are you kidding me??? Shoot the puck boys!!! Was so incredible to see that! I expect another one out of him tonight!

Heatley is due. He was insane on his shots! Man, this is the fast, puck shooting, relentless forecheck team Minny has been waiting for, for 11 seasons! No more trap! And a coach that understands last change! Oh yeah!!!

Very impressed with Falk.  He’s tough, gritty, big & amazing in the corners. Pinch? Oh yeah he rocks that too!

Spurgeon. What can you not say good about a kid, small kid, yes I said it, that gives 100% every game? Just sick!

Mikko Koivu! Enough said. The man with everything. Double sick!! He needs goals, that Selke has his name written all over it!

Setoguchi, as I call him, Gucci boy! Its a girl thing! He played well a couple games, then looked lost for a while. The GWG in OT against Detroit shook him up, in a good way. You could tell when we played Vancouver! He’s back!

Blues tonight & we can do this. We can! Inglorious David Backes is a Wild killer. Not tonight! We are going to forecheck him out of his hockey pants! I love Backes,  don’t get me wrong. He is an MSU Mavericks alum! Just not against The Wild! Not tonight!

So lets sit back, okay forget that, let’s get crazy & enjoy this ride! My goodness, 11 years later & we have a good team. A very good team in progress!! Mike Yeo will not accept anything other than fantastic! Yeah!!

Go go Wild GO!!!

Yes. I’m excited about this team!!!