Harding #1 star.. and he sits tonight!!!


And the 5 game road trip begins tonight. This is going to be a test. Flames, Sharks, Kings, Ducks & Blue Jackets. Okay so it is a 3 game test, Flames & Blue Jackets ‘should’ be an easy game, even if Jeff Carter returns. They just have nothing this year of the games I have seen.

I really should not count out The Flames either. Backstrom in net tonight. My guess is he plays stellar, then goes down again. I just do no think he cares, and the team does not have confidence in him, which totally affects their play. Why Harding is not in net is beyond me. NHL gave him #1 star of the week on Monday & now he sits? You can see NHL artical here -> http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=599256 … Ok Mr. Yeo, what is the thinking on this? You ALWAYS play the hot goalie!! Always! I don’t care if it is Finn goalie against Finn goalie! Harding is hot! Let him play!! This makes no sense to me, none whatsoever! Come on Wild, grow a pair back!!! Looking at you Mr. Yeo!! Grrrr!

Hopefully they come out stronger than Saturday’s game. The first period was so lacklustre, I almost fell asleep. The man behind me made a comment “Well you only play as good as your opponent. What?? Okay so teams play equally, how do you win? Jeez! That was just dumb! They need to come out on fire, forecheck the Flames into circles, shoot shoot shoot the puck, and win this thing! No more 5 SOG periods! That was a follow up to a 45 SOG game?? Please, no more streaky, no consistency seasons. I can’t take it! I love the way the have been playing, watching the system fall in place, speed The Wild have never had, the chemistry starting to click, the sheer relentless play by most players. I know they can continue, but get Harding back in net! Like now! Until he has a bad game, let him play!! Enough!

Division rivals tonight. We are in 2nd place! Enjoy tis ride! Montreal should beat Edmonton, I said “should.” Flames are in last place, they “should lose to The Wild tonight. So if all the “should” fall into place, we will be in 1st place in the Northwest Division yeah!! Now get Harding in net!!! Do it!! Grrr again!!

I’m calling the energy line to score tonight! A few times! Come on Wild! Even though Yeo has let you down, extinguish the Flames tonight!

On another note, a Fansided friend of mine has a Movember page. Please donate if you can. It is for a very good cause. VERY good! Movember – When ALL hockey fans unite! You can go here to donate, whether it is 1.00 or 100.00, every bit helps. Thank you! -> http://us.movember.com/mospace/2140770/

So as a friend of mine on Twitter said, let’s ride this wave as long as we can, I love it!!

Lets debate or talk hockey, anytime!!!




Go go Wild GO!!