Hit on Wild’s Prosser Expected To Yield Suspension For Coyotes’ Torres


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A little late on this one, but Brendan Shanahan is expected to announce today the suspension of Phoenix Coyotes, Raffi Torres for his dirty hit on Minnesota Wild’s Nate Prosser during their December 31st game.

With Torres having just been fined for a dirty hit in his last game and avoiding any disciplinary action for yet another hit the game before, it is no surprise that Shanahan wasted no time scheduling the Torres hearing.

Since there was no penalty given on Torres for his hit on Prosser, one would have to wonder if there would even be a hearing at all if it were not for the recent fine Torres received.  This causes many to question both Shanahan and the entire process of judging what warrants disciplinary action and what does not.

Take a look at the latest questionable hit by Torres.

This is definitely not the best video, but you can still see Torres arrive late into the play and the high hit on Prosser.  Watch on the far right of the screen as the camera begins to panning back to center ice.