Wild Drop Should-Have-Won Game To Columbus


This is going to be a short one. It doesn’t take long to write “ugh”, and that’s the only word for tonight’s game.

Nate Prosser and Niklas Backstrom showed up in Columbus tonight. Too bad the rest of the Wild stayed at the hotel. Prosser tried for a Howe Hat Trick but failed to get an assist…that would have required someone else to score. He did take care of the fight and goal, though.

Backstrom had another 30+ save evening, and while that may not seem so impressive, there was a boatload of solid scoring chances for Columbus created by Wild penalties and all-around poor performance. The Wild took seven, count ’em, seven minors tonight with four of those going against Nick Schultz. A very uncharacteristic night for Schultz.

I knew it was going to be one of those evenings when the Blue Jackets scored their first goal courtesy of Marek Zidlicky. Zids, please try to not run into our goaltender and knock his stick out of his hand. You are still wearing a Wild sweater. Do that again, and you may not be so dressed.

Honestly folks, there’s just not that much more to say about tonight. It was bad. Bad. BAD. Horrible effort.

I’m going to forget this one with some Sapphire & tonic and wait for Thursday’s game against the Canucks.

Predictions for Thursday: Backs in net. Zids scratched, Lundin plays. Staubitz sits out and Kassian dresses. Seto stays no higher than 3rd line, if not scratched (yeah, I said what you’re all thinking). He’s -12, guys and gals. Mikko returns to center 1st line with Heatley.

One piece of good news…we’ll be introducing a new writer to our staff lineup next week, and I’m very excited about it. That’s all I’m saying for now. 🙂