Yeo: “We’re in hell.”


It was a great St. Patrick’s Day of hockey at the Xcel. Green sweaters completing passes, scoring goals, running rampant over the opposition. But enough about the North Dakota Fighting Sioux.

The other green sweaters in the building that day didn’t do so well. I don’t use this word often, folks, but the Wild were in a word, pathetic.

The game actually didn’t start out badly for the Wild. Fast goals from both sides made it an early 1-1 game. The period ended tied, with signs of cracking from the Wild in their lack of coordination while cycling starting to show.

Into the second, things started off well. Minnesota came out with what appeared to be renewed energy, and Nick Johnson put the Wild up 2-1 on a rebound goal. Shortly thereafter a beautiful (and rare) passing play led to a 3-1 Wild lead with Brodziak getting credit for finding twine. Then the wheels came off.

Setoguchi scored for the Canes (yes, I know what I said). The NHL may give a Cane player credit, but Setoguchi paid no attention to his skates and knocked it right past Hackett. 3-2.

The Wild defense didn’t fail to disappoint with an utterly non-existent showing as Sutter tied the game at 3. Almost immediately after, the Wild D allowed a full screen…and actually participated in it…to allow Carolina to take a 4-3 lead, and there the game ended.

The FSN post-game showed Wild fans with bags over their heads, and while I’m not personally a fan of it, I understand the concept. This was not a good showing, and it hasn’t been a good showing for quite awhile now.

Yeo is beyond frustrated, he’s outright pissed. As he said in his post-game presser, “We’re in hell.” Yup. That about sums it up.