Wild Sign Gustafsson – Predictions


The Wild got through all the negotiations and signed goaltender Johan Gustafsson to an entry contract. THN is predicting that this may mean that the Wild are looking to ditch Harding. I think THN should be quiet unless they understand a team. 😉

I could be off base , but I think THN’s prediction is 180 degrees from correct. The Wild now have one of the deepest goalie pipelines in the NHL, and they only have one set of pads on the ice at any given time. Backstrom is the starter. Hackett isn’t ready. Kuemper certainly isn’t ready. And throwing a newbie like Gustafsson into the NHL? Hah.

Meaning, unless Josh Harding decides he wants to leave Minnesota, this signing means squat for this upcoming season. I think they’ll leave Gustafsson overseas to develop.

Of course, that’s just my opinion. I could be wrong.