The Wild Coffee Crunch – Links Edition


In an attempt to keep everyone up to speed with what’s going on in the world or hockey, or what’s not going on in the world of professional hockey, us here at GPW will do a morning post with other links to various articles around the hockey world.  Consider a link dump in the morning or if you’re ready for a coffee break already then this could be your Coffee Crunch, Wild style.

In the wake of the early lockout, Rochelle Olson of the Star Tribune looks back at the last work stoppage and states that St. Paul lost more than $60 million and could be headed for more substantial losses if this one continues well into the winter.

Depending on who you believe and what side your going to support, owners or players, you might enjoy this piece from our friends at Sportsnet.  Teemu Selanne, the Finnish Flash recently called out Gary Bettman as the most hated man in the NHL. Selanne also continues on by ripping Wild GM, Craig Leipold about the contracts he gave Suter and Parise only to turn hypocrite and state how incomprehensible these new long-term deals are.  Who knew Selanne was a blogger?

A great article on the Pioneer Press highlights the Houston Aeros coach John Torchetti and how he holds the future of the Wild given the amount of talented prospects the Wild have at the minor league levels.

Finally, The Hockey News ran a story from the Canadian Press asking the NHL if there is no hockey this year, can Canada have the Stanley Cup back to award to another competition?  Pish posh, this is our trophy for our sport.  Although imagine playing for the Cup in your beer league finals?  Hmmmmmm………