Lockout Day 5: Both Sides Take the Rest of This Week Off


Here’s one for ya.  Both sides, the NHL and the NHLPA, talked Wednesday with no progress made and they have no plans to meet this week despite both parties heading to Edmonton to take part in a hearing with the Alberta Labour Board. Pardon me?  All those involved in these intricate negotiations decide not to even meet while being present at the same event?  Sounds like both parties don’t want to settle this thing to bad.  Either that or they are so far apart in the negotiations that they are disgusted with each other and can’t stand the thought of sitting in the same room as them to try and save the game we all love so much.

None the less it is again the fans that have to endure the pain of hearing about how slow or uneventful the talks have become, further striking fear into our hearts that this stoppage could linger on longer than anyone cares to see.

Maybe it’s not as simple as I think it should be.  Or maybe it’s just too easy and neither side wants to admit it, but come on guys, you’re both travelling to Edmonton to take part in the hearing with the labor board.  Surely there will be some type of communication over the next couple of days.

I wonder if both sides will be on the same plane? Cookies or Bits n’ Bites Gary?