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It is Friday which means the weekend begins as soon as today’s work day is over.  We’ve got football on Sunday, the MLB postseason races are heating up without the Twins and oh yeah, still no hockey.  Any predictions for the Vikings this weekend?  Anyway, here are the links of a few interesting stories around the NHL including former North Star great Mike Modano who weighs in on the lockout and has some advice for the players.  Have a great weekend and thanks for reading.

When the all-time point scoring leader for American-born players speaks up, people had better listen.  And by people I mean current NHL players.  Mike Modano had some advice for NHLPA in stating that “it wasn’t worth it” when referring to the last lockout that he was a part of.  Modano claims to have lost more than $7MM during that lost season and he even admits the players thought they were stronger than they really were.

Another one of the all-time greats urged that the fans remain patient during this horrible holding pattern.  Bruins great and ambassador of the game, Bobby Orr has his own solution to fixing the lockout and is preaching patience when fans get eager to watch the game we all love.

In news closer to home, the Houston Aeros will open up their training camp at the Xcel Energy Center in what will feature an abundance of Wild prospects.  Check out the article for dates and times.